Monday, May 07, 2012

Happy news in the weekend!

Goodmorning everybody!

We really took the weekend "off"nice and easy LOL. But I could, cause Friday I did some necessary things around the house, to at least have a rather clean house during the weekend, but today it needs a bit attention again.
The weather is a bit this and that, Saturday I was out for a moment but I couldn;t say it felt nice,so the rest of the day I stayed in. But yesterday, although a bit too fresh, it was a bit brighter, I even sat for a ten minutes in the sun. I keep an eye open for the snails, but I must say, I cannot spot so many anymore. May be my big cleaning did a little bit of good, but I still go checking every now and then.
Yesterday I got the most wonderful news from my niece in France!
Her oldest son and partner had a baby on the 29th of March! So now my niece Alika and her husband are grandparetns for the first time! I received a few photos from the baby and I made right away a layout of one of them, as a kind of little present for the new parents. Now isn;t that wonderful happy news???
Here's the layout I;ve made:
Last week I promised you a picture of a new plant I bought for the garden. The little card with it says it's a Senetti Pericallis. Never heard of it, but it sure has a wonderful color!
And I had the camera in my hand so took a look around what was blooming at the moment. Not too much, but there's slowly getting more color in the garden, I even saw that my climbing rose is forming rosebuds, yippee.
But I've made a few pictures, will not show them all, I will save a couple for Wednesday too.
First is one of my azalea, showing all it's beauty.
Then a much more modest flower, the Columbine. I have quite a lot of them all around, of several color, but not all are blooming yet. It also depends a bit on the spot they are standing. This one I really love, because of the double color.
Next time some more pics, okay?

If you want some quickpages, go to Miriam's blog where Mat made some with my Souvenir d'Autrefois kit.
I have some lovely clusters from Arlene for you again. She's made them with the Devine Silence kit, also a quickpage you get. Well, I think this one you should call a "plopper"??
 Download     HERE

Soon it will be Mother's day, and is it the good time to post the kit for it ROFL. I named it Mama's Special Day.
Take care of yourself and have a lovely day!
Download     HERE


Edna B said...

Congratulations on your familiy's new addition. What a gorgeous baby! They're going to love your layout. You do a marvelous job with layering.

Kyra, your photos are beautiful. I'm jealous. My flowers won't be showing any color for a while yet. We had sunshine yesterday and more today so maybe that will help. Now I'm off to check on the Mrs. You have a wonderful day.

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 5 post on May. 07, 2012. Thanks again.

A struggling but hopeful disciple said...

Your work is always so amazing. I love the whimsical, delicate nature seen in all of your creations. You are definitely one of my top five favorite digital designers. Thank you so very, very much for generously sharing your creativity, talent and skill with me.

Anonymous said...

Bedankt voor je mooie freebies.

Bright Eyes said...

Love the photo of the new precious. Didn't have time to download this until today. Beautiful kit. Thanks for sharing you beautiful work with us.

Oh, those pictures are beautiful. Bet we see some of them in a kit one day...

Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Priscilla said...

SO lovely! Thank you.