Friday, April 27, 2012

Hopefully no more doctors for a year

Goodmorning everybody!

Wednesdaymorning I had the lungspecialist appointment to do. That was a very quick one. He isn;t very talkative, which is okay for me, I think he just says something when it's really necessary. So I was ready after about 10 minutes. But he wanted to have a checkup foto of my lungs, and I could get that done right away. In the afternoon he called me and said it was okay, no changes, so I was happy.
{Oh, just now I got also a phonecall from the neurologist, about the blood check last week. Well, the mirror is a tiny little bit higher, but the rest of it the same, so it's nothing to worry about, I stay on the same medication, and that's all. So happy about that too. Till next year all doctors! }
All together it took me about an hour, to get home again. Quick, yeah!
Then I called Heidi to ask if she was home, she would be, but a bit later, so I first had a sandwich, watched Bargain Hunt on the BBC and then left for my visit.
It started raining by then, not too hard, but it was a pity, cause we couldn;t sit outside in Heidi's garden.
I gave her the little plant for her garden, to "celebrate"her wedding anniversairy and I think she was very pleased with it.
We had a little chat over a cup of coffee and after an hour or so I returned home.
Didn;t had much chance to do something about the house that day, so it was planned for yesterday.
And yes, I was pleased about myself LOL.
Did a real thourough vacuum cleaning, after having a good and thourough dusting first, in the mean time the washing machine was busy, and when all was done, I was a happy person.

About our government: the remaining cabinet came to an agreement with several parties of the ooposition about a plan for budgetcost cutting, that they will try to get started in the next few months. Some things are good in it, but other things will hurt only the average working men and pensioners. We'll see how much effectively will get through. And in September there will be new elections, for a new government. And may be the whole plan will be changed then, if other parties will be in majority, so in a way it all is rather uncertain. Oh well, we will survive this too, I suppose, as we did other crises before.

Today I think I will just do some of the last weekend grocerie shopping, which will be very quick and then take it easy. Jan will visit today a few emplyment agencies, specialized in health care, and if one of them take him in, at first he will work as a flexworker, which is a bit uncertain, but better as nothing. They do need all the time people in health care, the last few years there is a shortage so I think there is a good chance he can work a lot of hours. We'll see how it works out.

I have new goodies for you. First you must take a look at Linda's blog, where she has two wonderful quickpages, made with the Charming Time kit. Leave her a little thank you if you download, she's so nice to offer them for free!
Then you also can pick up a sweet quickpage at Miss Edna's blog, with a sweet little bird on it, of one of her own photo's!
And Arlene has made some great clusters with my Ecstasy of Color kit!!!! And she keeps filling my mailbox with fantastic clusters and quickpages for you!
Download     HERE

And I had trouble deciding which kit I would offer today LOL! As some of us have rather nice weather but also people seeing snow coming down, I thought we ALL could do with a happy kit, that can strangthen our dreams about a wonderful summertime, grin grin.
I have 2 previews for you, one of the whole kit and one of the papers. It's named "Garden Song".
Now I will have to make some fresh coffee and soon have to wake up Jan, so I better finish now, wishing you all a very lovely weekend.
Thanks for all your sweet messages, believe it or not, they are important!
Till Monday!

Download HERE


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 13 post on Apr. 27, 2012. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely clusters from Arlene...

Kay W said...

What a colorful and happy kit this is. It will brighten anyone's spirits. Thanks for sharing it with us.

edvige said...

I wish you with all my heart not to see them again for a year. I must see them for blood and heart controll next will be ok.:))
Lowely week-end to you fm me, fm Italy and fm Trieste city...
In my family Hungarians, Germans, Italians, French between mother, father and grandparents fm both.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Kyra:)

I am soo happy to hear of your Doctor report! YAY!! I know you have to be happy that you don't have to go back soon.:)
I want to thank you for all you and your friends share with me!! Thank you!
Just a quick comment this time. Soo busy..and about to fall asleep if I don't move soon.LOL


Anonymous said...

Arlene, I just love your work. Thanks so much for sharing your freebies! Every time I see your name come up for a freebie I know it will be high quality and beautiful!

God Bless,

Pat Mc

Fairy Godmother said...

I have loved using this kit if you visit my blog you will see what i did with it..

many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you for another lovely kit...