Wednesday, January 04, 2012

It was wet, yesterday!

Goodmorning everybody!

First have to start with a birthday. Today is the birthday of my friend Snowy, so although I allready wrote my wish for her on her blog, here you go again, girl:

Another year in your life, I hope it brings you all positive things!!!!!

Oh my, it was a really wet and windy day yesterday. And exactly that day Heidi chose to go to her mother, with the family, and called me to ask if we could take care of their doggie, to let him out in the afternoon. Well, of course I said yes, and then first Jan said he would do it, then I decided to go with him, to at least have a bit of fresh air. Well, we did have that and lots more LOL! There was blowing a strong wind, in other parts of the country, mainly in the north, it was even a fearce storm, and it was raining. You could say it was raining cats and dogs, LOL, and even the doggie wasn;t happy to be outside. So we didn;t make a very large tour, and coming home at Heidi's, I rubbed the little thing a bit dry, gave him a few treats and then left again. By the time we were home, I decided I better could change my trousers into a warm and dry pair of jogging trousers. And you know what? After about half an hour the rain stopped and even some blue sky peeped out! Yeah, we were soooo lucky again, grin grin!
Still not to complain too much, as the temperature is still on the "warm"side.

May be you've noticed that I changed my shoutbox. Shoutmix was temporarly unavailable, they changed policies, aren;t really free as it looks, although if you had already an account for the free version, it stays that way???? Anyhow, I wanted to have a working shoutbox, so I changed to
Hope it works. I didn;t try it out yet.

Just a couple of days more to enjoy the Christmastree, then get rid of all that stuff quickly and have a "normal"room again at my birthday. Yeah, that's an even that comes back every year for sure. Hmmm, the 8th of January I will have the respectable age of 59 then. Horrible, just this year and then no number 5 again as first, brrrrrrr. And again Jan will be living together with an older wife, but.........only for 3 weeks and then it will be his turn!!!ROFL.

It's getting time to get busy for me here, it looks as if it will stay about dry today, still a bit windy, but if that's all, I can go out to pick up some groceries. And probably a bit of ironing will be a good thing to do.
Today I offer you the second part of the "Passage in Time"kit.
Have a wonderful day!
Download     part 2 HERE


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
Sounds like you have been keeping very busy since I was here last.:)
You and Jim will turn 59 very soon.You on the 8th and Jim on the 9th.You are one day older than him.LOL As my blogging has been rather sporadic lately..I am gonna wish you a WONDERFUL and HAPPY!!:) Hope you have a FANTASTIC day my friend!

Huge hugs,

Edna B said...

Good morning. It's 11 degrees here. Brrr! Tomorrow should get up to 39. The weather just can't make up it's mind.

Your new shout box isn't quite all there. Only pieces of it.

Now I'm off to do my posting. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Mats World said...

Shout box still not responding right! LOL! Lovely kit you have given us this time, thanx so very much. Happy Birthday early young lady...LOL! My 5 for the first number left quite a few years ago...LOL! Have a beautiful blessed day!! Hugs!!

crosstown said...

Thank you for the lovely kit and enjoy your day.