Friday, January 27, 2012

A heartbreaking story at the news.

Goodmorning everybody!

Sun is shining at the moment, so it looks a bit cheerful, but that could change over the weekend. They say it's getting colder, hope that doesn;t last too long.
I think it was Wednesday evening on the local neews channel (and later also on the other channels!) that I heard of a heartbreaking story. At the moment the government is busy with all immigrants that are here, to see if they are granted a definate permit to stay or not. Okay, it's a good thing they look in to all the cases, because there are always people who want to take advantage of the asylum policy. But thee are also people coming here, because they are in danger in their own country. Well, everybody is a bit familiar with this problem. But the following is absolutely not to comprehend, I took the newspaper article into a translation site, hope I adjusted it well here and there, just read it and I think everybody has to agree that in this case a permanent recidence permit is the right thing to do.

"Mr. Abdul is cool and must remain! ' With large letters, the inscription on one of the many posters and banners in the St. Michael school in Hazerswoude-dorp. In the course are groups of children busy with paint brushes painting the name Abdul on large white sheets . The 50-year-old caretaker of the basic school is standing close to it very emotional.  Abdul Matin Momand was told last week that he must return to his native country Afghanistan.
Although Abdul  lives in The Netherlands for more than fifteen years, now his last hope of a residence permit is gone. Per letter Monday all parents and children from the school were informed of the rejection by the IND.I the Immigration department) The news hit like a bomb.
"Abdul belongs to the school", says a mother. "He is so much more than just janitor, he lives for this school." Behind her a bunch of guys, in their hands they keep lists full of signatures. "Look", they say  proud to the the janitor, "we have  many signatures and we're going to get even more."
Abdul gets his glasses of his nose and rubbed into his eyes. "This school is my family", he says. "They do everything for me. When I moved to another house all parents have helped . And now they give me support. " Six years ago  the wife of Abdul suddenly died . Also then the whole school was there for him. "My wife complained about headaches", he says, "four days later she was not there anymore. Everyone was so caring for me, they brought me food and helped me with everything. "
The children of Abdul, Achmed (16) and Diba (15)-obtained years ago  a residence permit. If their father is turned off, they will  have to remain in Netherlands alone or go with him to Afghanistan, a country that they barely know. "They have to decide", says Abdul. "But they have nothing in Afghanistan. They do not speak the language. The were still babies when we fled to Netherlands. But if they stay here, they will have lost  in addition to their mother also lost their father. "
The Director of the school is happy that everyone is so involved. "Abdul deserves this. He is like a father to the children in the school. We hope that this positive attention perhaps Abdul can stay here. "

15 years ago Abdul fled from Afghanistan to The Netherlands with his wife and two young children.   
    In 2004  Abduls wife and his children were given a permanent residence permit, but not Abdul His dossier had to be further investigated,
    The Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) wanted to revoke the earlier temporary residence permits. According to Abdul because he has worked in Afghanistan for Defence.
    The Court decided three times that Abdul could stay in The Netherlands . Nevertheless,  his new application for a permanent residence permit was rejected by the IND.
    Gert Leers, Minister of Immigration and asylum yesterday announced through his spokesman that he wanted to be informed of all facts about the case . The Mayor of Rijnwoude, where Hazerswoude-dorp is a part of, asked the minister yesterday to look again to this case.

Now isn;t it heartbreaking that the government takes 15 years to see if this man is "okay"???? He is fully integrated in Dutch society, works, speaks Dutch, his children even have Dutch nationality, and they just say"sorry, you'll have to go back to Afghanistan". I don;t think that's the right way to treat good willing people.!
Hmmm, we will se in the next couple of weeks what will happen.

This weekend will be nice for Jan and me. Of course there is Jan;s birthday on Sunday, but there will be no party. Oh gosh, we've grown over that! LOL! But this weekend will be speed skating again, Worldchampionchip Sprint, held in Calgary! So Satuday and Sunday evening will be filled with watching that! Great.!!
I'll try to get a new load of laundry done today or tomorrow, may be, if weather stays a bit pleasant, we make a short visit to the market, we'll see and I might even give Jan a quick haircut, so that he will look handsome at his birthday ROFL!
Today is the second download from the "Precious Moments" kit, and I'll be back on Monday, already the last day of January oh, and the birthday of our queen too!
Have a fantastic weekend and send some positive vibes to our government, they will need that so that they decide with compassion, that Mr. Abdul can stay here in Holland!
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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Jan. 27, 2012. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your design

Edna B said...

Kyra, I whole heartedly agree with you. Our governments seem to overlook the bad guys, and go after the good ones. I will say a prayer that Mr. Abdul gets a permanent residency in Holland. Enjoy your weekend, and a very Happy Birthday for Jan!!! Hugs, Edna B.

crosstown said...

Such a sad story. I hope they let Mr. Abdul stay in Holland. Thank you for the kit

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
Such a sad story.Hope they work it out so he can stay.

Happy Birthday to Jan!! I don't want to miss wishing him a wonderful day so I will do it now.:) You are Jim's age and I am gonna be 58 I am the baby.LOL

Thank you so much for sharing another BEAUTIFUL kit with me. I LOVE IT!:)

Have a FANTASTIC weekend my friend!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. Happy Birthday Jan hope you have a very nice one.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for part 2. The same happens in my country, the ones who should go back are allowed to stay and the ones who should stay are forced to go back...