Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some pictures again

Goodmorning everybody!

First a quick update. Went to the docotor yesterday, tried to explain all that was wrong with me, and oh whee, that is really hard! Well, today I will go to hospital to do a blood check, next Wednesday again appointment with the doctor to hear if they have found  perhaps something. For the coming time he will also keep an eye on my weight, I am eating a tiny bit better, although still small portions, specially at dinner time but it shows a bit improvement. Oh, I had to laugh a bit at the doctors. During our conversation he asked me if I felt depressed. Well, of course I am at times, or I better say I feel a bit sad and also very mad at myself. But he asked further, if I was REALLY feeling depressed, to the point of thinking that I had enough of life etc. etc. Okay, I told him firmly, that even if I may have moments that a tear is falling and I lay my head on Jan's shoulder for a bit of comfort(and that is for only a few minutes) I had no intention or thoughts of leaving this world. And that I just wanted to know if something physical was wrong with me, and that I want to get some weight back and if possible a bit better nights sleep. I understand he has to ask those things, but that was going way to far! LOL.

He wanted also to give me some light sleeping pills, but I rejected that. I don;t like them and I take already some medication, and I don;t think it will be a real solution. So thanks, doctor, but no thanks!

Got a phonecall from Heidi, if I liked to pay a visit and I did. That already is something, that I could get myself that far to walk to her house and have a nice chat, sounds ridiculous, but it is the truth! So it was nice to chat with her in her garden, in the sun, of course a lot about our gardens, you already could guess that!

Talking about the garden, I;ve made a few pictures or you.

Clematis on the other side of the rose bow, isn't it a beautiful flower?

And here the rose, Zepherin Drouhin

Here another species of an Aquilegia

Overview of the left border, with about in the middle, with the "feathered"leaves my big poppy with the flower buds. Can;t wait till they will bloom!!

Well, that's about it, have to get ready to go to hospital for the blood test(yak, I don;t like too much needles, hope I will have a good nurse, who can find right away the good bloodvain!)

Oh, I had message, that some of you had trouble downloading part 1 of the Animals Alphabet, I tried and could download without problem. So if you don;t mind, try please again, it sometimes seemes to be hard wioth Mediafire, but often another day there is no problem. Thanks.

In case I will not be posting tomorrow, I already wish you all a terrific weekend! And thanks for you sweet and lovely comments and encouragements.! To speak with Arnold Schwarzenegger(was it from the movie The Terminator?): "I'LL BE BACK!!!"    LOL!


Edna B said...

Oh my, your garden is just beautiful. I hope mine looks as nice when it finally blooms.

My prayers are with you Kyra, that you start to feeling much better really soon. Good luck with the blood tests. I feel for you sweetie, I don't like needles either.

I hope the rest of your day is wonderful. Hugs, Edna B.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
Thanks for the update!! Hope you are able to finally get an answer to your situation!! Not feeling well can be depressing...keep your chin up!:) was from the Terminator...I'll be back!! Me too!!!LOL
Love your flowers!!So pretty!!

Have a restful weekend and concentrate on getting better!!:)


Edna B said...

It's Friday evening, and your blog has finally come back up. Mine too. I couldn't post today because all of blogger was down.

Your garden is just lovely. I can't wait to see your poppies too. Mine are still teeny weeny. They're not doing so well.

I'm hoping your bloodwork comes back with answers for you, and you can back to feeling good again. YOu have a great night, hugs, EdnaB.

LianeZ said...

I had no trouble download both parts of the freebie. I ran into problems when I went to leave my thanks you, blogger was having issues, so.. Thanks for the Freebie. Hope you get a good nurse, they have lots of problems getting my blood too. Guess our blood like to stay were it belongs, hee hee!

gypsymonkeyscrap said...

I love looking at your photos of pretty!