Monday, April 11, 2011

Drama happened over the weekend!

Goodmorning everybody!
To start cheerful this monday post I can report that we had great weather over the weekend and we enjoyed it in the garden. Jan and I did a bit of gardening, I had some serious sunbading, wonderful and today also will be a fantastic day, so I have to do some things in the house and want to enjoy a bit the sun too!

But on Saturday all the country had a shock, because in the early afternoon there was a breaking news edition on tv. In Alphen aan de Rijn(town not too far away from The Hague) a guy entered a shopping centre and started suddenly to fire a machine gun at the people with result that their are 7 people killed (,among them the guy of 25 years old, who took his own life), 11 wounded, some of them still critical!
Till now they don't know anything about the motive of the young man, only thing they now, he was kind of depressive, he seemed to have left a goodbye letter, but also in that letter no motive could be distilled.(This according to the latest news bits)
It's a horrible thing to hear at the news, and the worst is that the reason behind it isn;t clear. Our thoughts go of course to the victims, wounded and their families and to all the people that witnessed the action.!

You can imagine that all the weekend all broadcasting at tv was kind of effected by this event, whenever there was a bit of news, a special news edition came along. I really believe sometimes, the world is turning into a mad world . I found you an article on internet from the BBC, so if you want to know a bit detailed about this shooting incident go here

Tomorrow I think I will have a few pics from the garden again, some other tulips are about to bloom, and also Jan's seedlings of sunflowers are racing out of their pots! LOL.
For now I will finish the post, I am already kind of late today, and their are things to be done!
I have a little kit for you, "Angelic", hope you can use it for something.
Have a wonderful day.

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Edna B said...

Good morning. Enjoy the sunshine. Today we have rain. It's not so bad but still I would rather be outside in the warm sun.

Some days I don't put on the news. It is too depressing. Even the weather channel gets depressing.

I have my fingers crossed that all my seedlings will sprout. I gave the guys a little planter set with Habanero pepper seeds and they planted them yesterday.

I'm getting ready to go home from work here. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:) least I hope it is one for you.Isn't that awful about the shooting.I still never understand why people feel the need to take others with them when they commit suicide.?? Misery loves company I guess.:(
So happy you were able to get some sun again.:) I am not one to sunbathe.Haven't been able to since I can remember.It makes my heart race and then I feel I am going to pass out.:( But I love that you are able to do it and enjoy it soo much.:)We have a spa in our backyard and I can't get it too hot or it does the same thing.Weird..I know..but true.LOL We haven't got it up and running this year..cause of the high electric bills.:( Too hot anyway.hehe
Happy to read that Jan's sunflower seedlings are racing out of their pots!!LOL CUTE how you tell it.:)

Huge hugs,

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Anonymous said...

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