Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I don't believe it, we've sunshine!

Goodmorning everybody!

As planned I did my shopping tour, that was okay, only it was really unpleasant outside, because of a very cold wind! Then it stayed grey all day, so not much to be enthousiastic about.
But when I opened the curtains this morning, I couldn;t believe my eyes! There is sunshine and even blue sky! Probably temperature still isn;t at my liking, but it is a start! Oh, the world looks completely different with a bit of sunshine!
I watched an amazing program at tv this night(yes, I woke up during the night, and best for me to do is get out of bed and have something warm to drink and after an hour or so, I can go to sleep again). It was a program on one of the National Geographic channels( or was it Discovery, ooooops, don;t know anymore) about the search of scientists for the very first start of life on earth. They think for now, the first ingredients arrived by a comet, billions of years ago. It was really fascinating to watch it and how they slowly discover every time a bit more. I like to see such kind of programs, where they show and explain rather complicated subjects in still a bit understandable way.

Now today is voting day. I am glad the weather is much more friendlier, it makes it easier to go for it LOL.
I am very curious about the outcome, which we only will know late this evening I think.
 But before we go there, I want to make a part of dinner already, I want to make some pork meat, that needs a long cooking time(on low fire). First I cut the meat in smaller pieces, then just put some salt and pepper and give it a quick stir on high fire, then cover it up with water, till all is covered and put it on real low fire. It needs about 3 hours at least, to become really tender. I finish it off with half of the juice left, with a package of "ready cheese sauce", and it tastes real yummie. I decided I will make some macaroni to go with it, and I have still half a cucumber left(from the potatoe salad I made) so I will cut the cucumber in very thing slices and make a vinaigrette with it, it tastes good, gives a fresh touch and is even healthy LOL.

Sometimes it really isn't easy to come up with something for dinner, at least when you don;t want to have the whole week almost the same thing. I like to have some variation in it. No, the life of a "house-wife" isn;t that easy all the time, hahahaha.
Oh, I bought yesterday also some chicken drumsticks, I think I will make a few one of these days, in the oven, with LOTS of garlic and some special chicken spices. Should taste real good, only have to be sure, we don;t have to go out after having that dinner, and that we don;t have visitors! Surely we will spread some funny odeur, LOL. But I really like garlic, so what the heck!

Today I have another full kit for you, it will bring you certainly some Spring feeling, I've made some of the papers with pictures of the flowers in my garden, pics I took last year. I've added some elements and who knows, perhaps somebody can use this for some nice layouts. I think we will start tomorrow with another daily download serie, we'll see about that. Well, here is "My Garden Flowers" for you.
Have a fantastic day!
Download    HERE


Raven aka Silke said...

Same weather here as well, Hi Kyra,lol-at work using the PC there,catching up and seeing what you're all doing. Bring on the garlic! I just cooked mediterranean veg and salmon before work... I will stink here later,lol.Hugs Snowy

jzayler said...

A little sunshine makes the whole world a better place! Thanks for the beautiful collection!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [03 Mar 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

christopher said...

Thank you so very much for the lovelyfreebies you give, you are very kind.hope you are well.rosie.x