Monday, February 28, 2011

Kind of birthday today!

Goodmorning everybody!

We had a rather grey weekend here, Saturday it rained almost the whole day, yesterday a bit less, I suppose nature needs that, but I hope we soon can emjoy a bit friendlier kind of weather. Oh well, at least it isn;t so cold anymore.
The weekend I was working on a new project, all inspired by something I found on the Gutenberg site. You can find lots of wonderful old books there with lots of pictures too, and a great deal are copyright free, so heaven for us designers LOL.
Because it rained so much you can imagine we stayed most of the time inside, but I didn't mind. It gave me opportunity to work at the computer a lot, in between had some laundry done, watched some nice films and series on tv and yesterday we had almost a ball.
Jan found again a lot of old singles and we listend to a lot of music of the 60's and 70's ! Like e.g. The Beatles, The Animals, The Bee Gees, The Cats, Bobby Solo,  and lots more. All the music Jan and I listened to as teenagers(oh whee, LONg time ago). Listening to some songs all kind of sweet memories came up again, one remembered of a love, that certainly held on for two months! Another of a special party I attended, etc. etc. So funny that by hearing some songs, those memories come to your mind again. I think we listend for about two hours and didn;t even get to the end of te pile !
For dinner I had it planned easy for the Sunday, I had bought us a small roasted chicken, yummie, and made us a potatoe salad to go with it. Delicious and the best of it is, that there is still left enough of the chicken and certainly of the salad for this evening. Now that I call planning ahead!

Imagine it's already the last day of another month today, and it is a bit of special day, it's my Name-day and also my mother's(cause we are both called Kyra) and in Russia this day is celebrated more than your day of birth. No, I don;t do anything special for this day, I only light a little candle for my mother as to wish her a happy Name-day, that's all.
I think I will prepare today the envelope for my accountant with all the stuff for the tax , I just received the last specifications of the council that are needed too, so it's time to post it all, cause the tax papers should be done before the 1st of April. Well, I am in time with it, and may be I will receive a few bucks back from the government.
After I finish my posting, I think I first will have a nice long shower, and then see if I can get something done around here. And I should make an appointment with the hairdresser tomorrow(today he is closed) to have a hair cut again. I always wait far too long with it, but at a certain point you cannot do anything anymore with your hair, no matter what you do!! Well, I am at that point definately LOL!
Oh, Friday evening Dikkie Dik got me startled a bit again. Late evening he came in and I noticed he had one eye opened as usual, but the other one stayed almost closed. I managed to take a look at it and it seemed kind of irritated. Oh boy, I hoped it would get infected or so, he definately got into another fight. One of his ears had a little bleeding cut too, he is hopeless, very often he has little injuries because he seems to defend his "aerea" full-hearted! I am glad I can say, the eye is to normal again, so hoorray, no visit to the vet is needed!

On friday I promised you to post a full kit today and yes, I do keep my promise. This kit is named "Bird Watch" and I hope you will like it.
Have  a lovely day!
Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [01 Mar 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

tmmarx said...

Thank you for such a gorgeous kit. I especially love the papers--they are beautiful. I just found you site tonight but I will be back. Thanks again.