Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Going into Fairy land

Goodmorning everybody!

We surely had a bright day yesterday! In the end we didn;t go out as we should have done, but it was also so nice to be at home and having bright light all around in the room, so we only sniffed a bit the air LOL.
But today it still seems okay, a bit less sunshine, caused by more clouds, but I am still happy it is some degress above the zero and we don;t have snow!
So definately I will have to go out today abd it will do me good.
Yesterday afternoon I had Séverine on the phone, hey, we had to wish her Happy Birthday! I talked with her for a moment and that girl is celebrating her birthday 3 times this month!
Yesterday, on the day itself at school a bit, then this Sunday for family and friends and on the 25th of February(then the kids will have a few days holiday) she will have her party with some of her friends, and Heidi told me they are going ice skating!!! Brrrrrr, it wouldn't have been my choice, for sure!

I can remember the way we celebrated my birthday when I had her age! I could invite some friends from school, I think we were with about 8 or ten kids. The party was in the afternoons. The day before or the very morning my parents decorated a room with garlands and balloons and such and when the guests arrived and were all there, first there was the Happy Birthday song and everyone gave me a little present. Very exciting! And then my parents and brother and sister and even aunts did their best to guide us through the afternoon LOL! There were all sorts of games invented, I remember one I always liked:
A rope with smallpackages attached to it was held by two adults, the kids had to pick a piece of paper with a numer out of a bowl, and then each was blindfolded and given a scissor. Then you should try to cut off one of the presents, hanging from the rope. The fun part was, that the adults moved around the rope a bit higher, then lower, so it was funny to see for the others how the blindfolded kid tried to grab one of the presents. We shouting all kind of directions and tips, yeah it was fun. Also there was most likely a "chair dance" Put together a number of chairs, one less as there were kids, somebody put one a record and as long as the music played the kids had to walk around. Suddenly the music stopped and all kids had to try to conquer a chair! But one didn;t manage, and so on and on till there were only two kids left with one chair! And the winner received then a little prize. We did lots of little games like that. And in between we had some rest, we sat around the table, with our little party hats and then we were given something to drink and of course there was a piece of the birthday cake with candles!
And at the end of the party, each kid received a little bag with some sweets in it and perhaps a colouring book and some colouring pencils, or some other little gift, to take home with them. All wrapped up in nice paper. And what fun you could have with some really simple games!
So far for some nostalgy LOL!

Oh, goodie, I have to leave the post for a moment, I have again a staring cat at my feet LOL!
Okay, caress is done, I am back again.
Today I have a little kit for you, all Valentine, oh yeah, and all in fairy style! Named it"Fairy Valentine". Enjoy it.
Time to finish now and first take another coffee, then get dressed and out!
Have a great day!
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Thank you so much for sharing your tine and talent with us. Love your blog, it is simply adorable. Hugs

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