Thursday, February 17, 2011

Could we do without internet?

Goodmorning everybody!
It may seem a bit weird question as blogpost title, but I am wondering about it for a moment. It is in my mind now, because I just read the blogpost on Snowy's blog LOL! As you know she has no internet connection at the moment, only via her mobile, and she's enjoying a hooliday. But she wrote that in a way it is a blessing, cause now she is having much more time to do all kind of other things and having a great time with it!
It's the truth, internet is so weaven in to our lives, that we use it without thinking much about it. But when you suddenly have no connection , you are lost for a moment.
But there were days, not even so long ago, that most people did without it, and we survived too LOL!

I surely would miss it, no doubt about it, cause e.g. email is such a great thing, and we use internet for search, or blogging or whatever. But sometimes doing without it, can be very relaxing too!
I can announce you that Minky is back! She had a great holiday time, and just posted some wonderful pictures of the place she was hiding out! You should take a look, and admit that the house looks terrific!!! And the surroundings also. Wow, I should love to spend some time there( well, I keep dreaming, LOL).

Yesterday I did a real quick tour in my garden, and I saw blloming snowbells and even some scattered crocus and lots of daffodils ready to bloom when there will be some more days like we had! And lots of tulips half-way already on their trip to the light! Here and there already news buts of leaves are showing up, like on the climbing rose!
And in the evening we watched some tv, another debat of some politicians, which was more interesting then the last one, I enjoyed it and after that we watched the second hal of a soccer match between FC Barcelona and Arsenal. We were more in favour of Arsenal, and finally they won the match with 2-1 yeah!!!
This evening there will be more soccer to watch(do you get the impression we like to see sports????), even two matches wow! Well, the season has started again for the Champions Leage and Uefa Cup games,  then coming up some more speed skating and tennis and darts and more, so more than enough to choose from.
I have no idea what I shall do today, yesterday I took a kind of free day, so today must be a "doing things"day I suppose. What kind of "things"????? I have lot of options, probably only one or two will be done hahahaha.

Sometimes still people have trouble with the download links from Mediafire. Perhaps it's due to the ads they sometimes pop in lately. It may help, if you leave out, or delete, the url from the ad in the link, somebody did that and it worked fine. So if you are having trouble, try that, or when you just use the link as is, it may happen you will have just skip the add and then you can download. Please try that if you are having trouble.

Okay, time for part 4 of the Victorian Cicucs(crossing fingers this link will just work "normal")
You all enjoy your day!
Download   PART 4   HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning. Just stopping for a moment to say hello. I got up a few minutes ago. So late.. So late. You're absolutely right about us relying so much on the internet, but if we don't, the world will go by without us. We get notes in all our bills telling us to pay our bills online. Lots of people won't send us normal email. They send a message that they have left messages for us on Facebook. I think what is also sad is that in order to get you to use the internet and facebbook, they will only talk with you through their facebook pages. Sad.
Anyway, you have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [18 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Patti said...

Thanks for the great Victorian Circus freebies!! They are SO cool! The cat in part 4 looks like a Halloween figurine that I got but of course, it was Orange and Black! :-)