Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We start a new daily today!

Goodmorning everybody!

I did the things I had in mind yesterday, good girl. First took a nice loooong shower then had a sandwich and then did the ironing and put all the stuff in their place. Okay! Also changed the bedsheets, so that was fresh too! Then made a little potatoe salad for dinner, we had that together with a piece of fish and a little dessert. Okay!
Even a little dusting was done.
Don;t know yet what I will do today. I had the plan to go for Séverines birthday present, but I don;t think so. Yesterday I felt really good, but today the energy is a bt lower, I think due to the fact this night I didn;t sleep as well as the night before. Oh, it will come, but it takes a bit loger today LOL. Then this evening there is a New Years celebration in the cafe. Yes, only today, I have no idea why they do it so late in January, but it is so.
It's not really my kind of thing, but I know Jan will be happy when I go with him. Well, I think it over, may be I'll just go there for an hour or so, then I can leave the bunch behind and go home. It isn;t the case, that I don;t like the people there(although it isn;t the same as in the "old"cafe where we went years ago, that almost felt like family, really), but I am quickly bored a bit, sitting there, it just isn;t my kind of thing. Okay for an hour or may be two, then I just want to go home! It sounds terrible, but I can't help it.
Still if I go, have to think of some nicer slothes then the comfy ones I am wearing now, have to do my hair, you know, I have to look"good". Well, the best I can hahahahah.

Oh, I surley must NOT forget to save some water in large pans etc, because tomorrow they shut off the water for several hours, there seems to be some work on the waterpipes in our neighbourhood. Oh joy, I hope they do their work quick and well, they said it will be shut off between 9.00 and 14.00 during daytime, let's hope it stays that way and they don;t encounter big problems!

I told you about the new transportaion cards we are going to have? Well, at the news was yesterday that there is a problem with them(again). The chip inside can be hacked rather easyly and then you can put any amount of money on it, which isn't coming from any bankaccount, no, just change the amount. So then you travel for no money at all. So now there are questions in parliament about it and some parties already demand, that the card will be retired for the moment and has to be changed before the public is going to use it. We'll see what happens!! They had problems with that card from the beginning and don't seem to be able to make a solid one.

So let's go to happier things, the freebie. I have a daily download kit again for you, it will be in 5 parts. It's the kit"Rosalinde"Hope it will make you kind of happy! I am showing you the preview of the whole kit, so it's a little surprise each day, what there will be in the download.
Have a nice day!
Download     PART 1  HERE


Raven aka Silke(formerly Snowraven) said...

It's rather grey and damp here in the moment, but I'l still go out for a bit,lol. Will start my Spring cleaning room by room as well, and make a nice big pot of Clam Chowder again -Shaun wil not be happy, he doesn't like it, so will have to make something else for him. Just uploading another kit I got completed as well. New years celebration end of January? Weird ! Ah well- always good to have a reson to party,lol- have a good time , you two.
Hugs Snowy

Edna B said...

Sounds like you've been very busy. I need a bit of your energy so I can get my chores finished!! Enjoy the celebration. It's always good when folks can get together and be happy. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the water situation is fixed soon. We have another snow storm coming so I have to leave soon and do my errands. You stay warm and have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [28 Jan 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria