Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I overslept a bit

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I am just in time to be able to say still 'goodmorning"LOL. I had a very bad night of sleep, read:  almost no sleep at all! Lately I have trouble sleeping through the night, and I hate it. But some day it will change again, I suppose and till then we will just have to deal with it. Don;t feel too sorry for me, I have the luck I can sleep when I feel the need too, so after being up an hour or two, I sleep again for a few hours and if really needed, I take a nap in the afternoon. The only thing I really don;t like about it, is that it breaks in into your normal dayrythm. I suppose it could be one of those things of getting a little bit older, hahaha.
So today I had a "night-break"too and then slept till about 11.00 in the morning again. I first took a nice cup of coffee and watched the news on tv and then started blog hopping and now posting.
I went out yesterday for some food-shopping, found all I needed, and when I came home, Jan was in full speed cleaning the bathroom! Now isn;t that nice?
It wan't even too bad outside, temperature is getting higher, what a blessing! Glad I can stay in today, because rain is falling down, and it doesn;t look as if it will quit soon. Still, you can notice the weather is a it better, the cats are spending more time outside, especially Dikkie Dik. Suddenly he is away for hours and hours, even so long I am worried a bit. I like it more when they show up for a moment between their expeditions. If he still doens't show up inthe next hour or so, I think i will go into the garden and send out my special whistle to call him. Most of the time that works. It may well be he has found a good spot to stay out of the rain and because of that isn;t showing up. Bordski is more the type of a quick tour outside and returning to have a nice nap again on the chair again LOL!

Oh, perhaps you could send out some healing thoughts to Minky, I just read on her blog this message:

Today I ask You to send Me some
Healing Rainbows ...
My Hand has gone into the first stages of RSD...
I am withdrawing to go into some serious Healing !
...Thanxxxxxxxxxxx for all Your Love and Blessings shared for taking care of My Sanctuary for Me .

I hope her hand will be better very soon, so she can do all the things she wants to again!

Now I better get myself into some clothes(LOL yeah, I am still in my pyama's) and do some things around here. I have a little kit for you, with all this almost depressing blogging of me we could do with a bit of cheerful kit. Here you have: "Waiting for Spring". I truly hope Mediafire will work fine, lately there are some troubles with it, of broken links, I don;t understand a clou about it. Well, if that happens again, you just let me know and I will upload on 4 shared.
Have a great day, for all the ones that have loads of snow: be careful if you go outside and stay warm!
Download    HERE


gypsyrose said...

Hi, Thank you for this lovely kit, today is wet, cold and foggy where we live so I am looking forward to the spring as well.
Sorry you are having trouble sleeping, the nights seem so long, when your lying awake, its good that you can rest a bit during the day, Take care And thanks again for all you share

Raven aka Silke(formerly Snowraven) said...

Lol- you definitely needed it. Try some chamomille herbal tea sweetened with honey in the evening -it's very calming, also lavender essential oil in a diffuseeror just a few drops on a cloth next to your pillow , so you can smell it. Funny- we both posted about a spring kit on the same day,lol.I'm now getting ready for work again,started on the Feb freebie this morning - Hugs Snow