Monday, January 24, 2011

Award, and another part of Abbigail

Goodmorning everybody!

This weekend I received an award from Zaza, from Scraps and Tubes and I was very honoured with it! But I won't submit to all the rules of it, while I find it difficult to boost about myself and I don't have really the time at the moment to think that over well, so I will not take advantage of the Gift certificate(only fair, I think), but I will pass the award on to some other designers. Am I making sense? I hope so.
Here's the award and the rules and then the designers :
Here the link to the blog:

In order to qualify for the $5.00 Digi's with Attitude! Gift Certificate, you muststate 3 things that make you different from everyone else and you must nominate 5 blogs. Lastly you must display the Blog Award Badge (above) in your sidebar and link it back to the Digi's With Attitude! Blog.

If you have been awarded the "I got Attitude! Blog Award" and you have followed all the steps please email to claim your Gift Certificate. Include your full name and your blog name. Only one Gift Certificate per person & blog please. Gift Certificates will be sent to you within 48 hours of receipt on a business day via a reply to the email received.
Here the blogs I nominated:

Okay, I think I;'ve done my best.
The weekend was very nice, I even didn't do really much at the computer, I think I needed a bit time off from that LOL. There was also the World  championship speed skating sprint to watch, and in between a little nap to do and it all felt very well!

Friday afternoon Jan did take his walk to the market , after I did some quick shopping. It gave me opportunity to do some dusting around and hoovering too, it always seems to go quicker and easier when the hubby isn't around LOL. Well, when he came back he told me we should go this week again to the market, cause a lot of vegetables and also fruit was very cheap, so time to buy a lot for a few Euro's and put it into the freezer. We'll see if it comes to that. I also have to go to town to look around for the present for Séverine and we also have to go for that bus and tram card I told you about.

Friday evening at about 21.30, suddenly the phone rang. It was Heidi, asking me if we could come over with the extra house key, cause she was out with the dog and forgot her house key. Séverine was home, but in her room, probably already sleeping, so she didn;t hear the doorbell, LOL. Heidi sometimes is such a chaotic, hopeless! Well, Jan went to her and all was well again. It gave him opportuniy too, to have a little chat with her.
Oh, I realize now, that perhaps we will have to give the doggie a walk Wednesday or Thirsday, or both days, cause Heidi is going to hospital and Danny will be working, as far as I know. Oh gosh, that is breaking a day, but of course we will do that to help. If it is at daytime, I will do it, but if it is in the evening(Danny works on different shifts) I think I will ask Jan to do it. I don;t like to be outside in the dark, later in the evening.
Well, I think it is time to put on the last part of the Abbigail kit and then put on some clothes and see if Jan wants to go to the market today.
Have a great day!
Download    PART 4 HERE


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra.:)
Thanks so much for stopping by again.LOVE your visits!!
I need to clean my house today.Jim is working and it might be a great opportunity to get it done quickly.hehe
So happy you had a great weekend.I spent some of mine copying files to disks.Oh fun!!:)
I don't blame you for wanting Jan to walk the dogs at night.You don't need to be out there by yourself even with a dog.:)
Thanks so much for sharing another part of your gorgeous kit.:)I LOVE it!

Huge hugs!!

boop1935-kentucky said...

thank you for sharing