Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Start of new governmental year

Goodmorning everybody!

It's the 3rd Tuesday in September, so today is the Prinsjesdag, always start of the new year of the government, with a speech of the Queen, about the program of the government. Only this year it's a weird day, cause we don;t have yet a new government. So she will be reading the program that was made by the old government, which still is there in a way, but it may be that in a few weeks there will be presented a whole different program by the new one. Strange!!!!

Despite of a bit stronger wind it was not too bad weather yesterday. I did my shopping and found myself 2 sweaters for the colder days and a nice grey leatherlook jacket. Should have made a picture of it. Well, I may do so today, also from the carpet, to show you.
May be today would be a great day to clean the windows, also not one of the favourite jobs of mine, but they could do with a sponge and some water LOL!
I don;t have much to tell today, it was a rather ordinairy day yesterday, which went well, but that's all. May be there will be more to tell tomorrow about our Prinsjesdag.
I will watch it a bit on tv, the nicest thing about it is to watch all the hats the ladies always wear. Specially on this day it has become kind of tradition. And nicest thing of course is the comments Jan and I can give on it, LOL!!
As I cannot think of anything more to write today it is best we jump to your freebie today. It's again a serie of bragbookpages(I've made a lot over the weekend, so be prepared) this time with subject Autumn. It's named
"Autumn Delight"Hopefully you can do something with them. There are 6 pages in total, each day there will be 2.
Till tomorrow, have a wonderful day!
Download part 1    HERE

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