Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy as a child!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday after posting and playing a bit on the computer I went out for some shopping. I had to take my umbrella, cause it was raining almost all day. Today it looks to be a bit the same weather, so if not needed I'll stay inside. In the afternoob I already prepared the meat we wil have today, because it has to be on the stove for hours to get it tender. Further on the day passed by as many others, and today should be at least be filled with a bit of ironing. But yesterday evevning late I had a lovely little surprise.
As it was the last Monday of the month, there was again the card players evening in the cafe and with that they always sell tickets for the lottery. So Jan went there to buy a few(they only cost € 0,50 a piece) and you will never guess what he came home with! A nice box containing a Christmas village, illuminated!!! there are 5 buildings, a lantern pole and three little groups of people. I was jumping up and down on the couch when Jan showed it to me! LOL! Really happy as a child I was! Perhaps stupid, but I always liked to have such a village, but never bought one, cause I found them rather expensive and now this year we will have one! Whoopee!
I've made a picture of the box, it's not really a good one, but you can see how it is looking
Lovely hey?
Oh, also made a picture of the new carpet we bought
And made one of the window with "Jan's plants"LOL!

Oh yes, when Jan was away in the evening, I've made a quickpage for Minky again, if you like to have it go to her blog and read all about how you can get the link.
And that's all folks!
There is left the 3rd part of "the "Fellowship"serie so here you are.
Have a terrific day!

Download    part 3 HERE


Snowraven aka Silke said...

heheheh...nice surprise Jan brought home there! That will look really nice once it's all set up. I've been a real naughty girl and spent too much time with Deb and the others on FB last night. Didn't even get a blog post done, but I can still feel my stomach muscles protesting from laughing too much.Hey I got October DD ready. Still at work -will post preview tonight. need to go into town again after after work -more travel preparations to take care of. Roll on October,lol-I can't wait to get on that plane! Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing after I had energy treatment from a fellow witch called Nicky this morning, hahahah.
Hugs Snowy

Edna B said...

I am so happy for you about your Christmas Village. It looks beautiful. Your new carpet really brightens up your living room, and Jan is doing a great job on his plants. I struggle to keep my few plants alive.

It's a bit rainy here too, but we need a bit of rain here and there to keep our gardens happy.

You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list