Friday, October 16, 2009

Extra post, because this isn;t nice!

Hello everybody,

I read this post on the blog of Zaza, is about piracy, which is a bad things Read it and pass it on!

"Here's an interesting site (Grafmania ) if you want to see your creations !You can translate the site by using Google translator for a better understanding.
Another site that does not hesitate to steal our creations, they put their logo on all our previewsand offers many download links from their servers.
And here is the kind of response you receive when you send a message for asking to remove your stuff:

Your works is freeAny people can download your worksI do not download and not publish your works, Some people from internet
take your work and add it to my and other sitesI can add link to your site for your works on my site, you should give me links
on your works but another people will steal your jobs ...Maybe you should made download for payment or other variants
You have best site for SCRAP AND TUBES
We can exchange of links
I can add your website to my friends
You add my site :)

And here's another site found by Marie from Snappy Scrappy who also steal:

It's just disgusting... "

If you want to see if any of your work is placed on that side look under
Left side bar under Photoshop 3rd link is for scrapkits.


lzamojsk said...

Thank you for posting the site names of these pirates! I collect freebies and do not want to use/get freebies from sites that pirate others designs, that is just not right! I'm keeping a list so I know were not to go for free things. Thanks again to you and all others that let the rest of us know who these pirates are - LianeZ

Char- The Mad Shopper said...

This is not a pleasant thing to find out about your work being distributed. Not sure why people have to be this way. Hope you realize that there are many people that do follow your TOU.