Wednesday, September 16, 2009

P...d off and freebielist

I am sorry I didn;t post this morning but I was struggling on te computer! Normally windows live messenger starts up with the computer start and there it is. Not this morning. Oh the screen was there but when I wanted to log in I couldn't cause they force you to upgrade. Okay, I upgrade then.. But there started the trouble! All the time I got an error message so it wasn't installed. I tried all sort of things but NO WAY. So now I am without MSN. Tried to uninstall all windows live, but couldn't cause I don't seem to have full administrator rights! Oh boy, I am a bit desparate, cause I am not a wizzard at all at the computer when it comes to more than just using programs or installing some. I am soooooo pi............d off! Is there ANYBODY who knows what to do? Withour me having to do all kind of things I don;t understand and messing up computer running and so? I already miss the occasional chats with my friends.

Well, after hours of reading all kind of forums etc. (there are solutions but I am not eager to try them cause I really don;t know what I am doing then, understand?) I finally left it to be for the moment and made you a freebielist. At least you will have something to do.
Hope your day was much better than mine till now, I hope to gain a bit relaxation after this post when I try the designing part.


Lady Shannon said...

did you know that you could download yahoo messenger and it will add your MSN friends list in there messenger. this way you would still keep all your friends without having to email them or try to remember there ID.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
I am sooo sorry you are having computer problems!! I know how you feel and if not for Jim and his knowledge of them..I would be totally lost.We don't know much about the messenger program you are using.I just installed it myself a couple of days ago because a friend had asked me to.When I get a free minute..and Jim is here..maybe we can figure it out enough to use it.LOL
Wow..sounds like you had a BUSY day cleaning.I bet you were pleased with your progress.:)
LOVE your pictures.Great job! I am glad you didn't pull the apple off of the tree! hehe I bet you were tempted though!!LOL
Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful kits.I grabbed some of the ones I missed!:)
Have a fantastic weekend!