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A looong read ahead for you!

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I have a rather long part of the history, so I'll start it soon. Yesterday I wasn't too creative at the computer, although I made a few LO's to go with the story. Have to get moving on the designing again and some challenges too are still waiting. I think I have a little black out again concerning the designing, but it will be only for a short time, don;t worry too much. LOL
Get yourself a cup of coffee or something else to drink, if you like to read my story, because this part is longer. If not in for the reading, you just skip to the end of the post and look at the freebie.
Have fun with both, and spend a great day!


Now it's funny, but I don;t know exactly how my parents did meet eachother. It was in Germany, that I know. My father also was called up to do work in Germany and was lucky to get an administrative job. So I think they met because of that, life sometimes direct people in the strangest ways,My father, named Theodore Cornelis Roof, but shortnamend Dick and my mother fell in love. Yes, it also happenes in bad times.! They survived quite some bombardments, certainly to the end of the war. I remember my parents told me of them, as this one.During a bombardment they were in some house. Due to the smoke they got a bit seperated so called out to eachother. My mother was already pregnant at that time of my brother and tried to get to my father. Suddenly the floor disappeared and she fell some meters down., luckely or not on a iron bar from the construction that this was kind of holding. Flat on her belly! She could hold on tio her position and cried out to my father. With a lot of climbing (and cursing! which he almost never did)to his avourite saint like this"Dammed you, Saint Anthony, for once you coud help me!! I MUST get to my wife to safe her. I'll be ever so grateful to you, you hear!!!!"he reached my mother. Perhaps his cry out to St. Anthony did help, they came out of it and more surprising nothing happened with the baby.

Here a very romantic layout of two pictures of my mother, which she gave my father, in between a diffence of about 2 months, can you see??? She had been really VERY ill there, they feared for her life then. The texte is what my mother wrote down at the back of the photos.
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Bigger view: http://i32.tinypic.com/jja1l1.jpg
I'll try to give you the English translation( not easy)
this is from the upper left:
The clock belled for everybody, you hand
is still in mine
It's almost tomorrow
that you will remember it
Save me(meaning : in your mind) don't cry
I go, see here the aurora
No my love, not yet.
Suffer I will as much as you want
But sayy "goodbye"I am not able.

For you, my Dick
in remembrance of a beautiful deam
and our time in exile
For always, my heart will be yours
For ever only, your Kyra
This the down left:
For my Dick, as souvenir
Take this photo in awaiting
to make me yours for ever

For lifelong I will be only

your Kyra

Towards the end of the war they were both stationed to the eastern border of Germany. And with armies of the Americians and Russians nearby it wasn't sure who would be there first! This could be tricky, if it were the Russians. My mother being a "White-Russian of the tsar's period"could encounter some unpleasant moments, to say it nicely. But just in time they were liberated by the American troops, really only a difference of a few hours!My parents always told me, that although the Germans weren't very pleasant in that time, also a lot of the "common"people were different and nice and if possible helpfull. They encountered a lot of good people, who tried to help them any way they could.So we children were never brought up with hate for German people, which is a good thing, I think. Perhaps my parents had just a lot of gardien angels on their shoulders, who knows?After a while, with of course troubles here an d there they arrived in Paris. They married in the Russian church (although they already were married in Germany, but all papers were burned, and even so, it wasn't recognized officially!)then they had to marry for the coucil.
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Bigger view:http://i30.tinypic.com/10s9oxh.jpg

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Bigger view http://i27.tinypic.com/15u42w.jpg

PROBLEMS!!!They had to produce the divorce papers of my mother, she hadn't them all, she had even to take a lawyer to do all the official correspondence. At once my mother was again a "stateless citizen"( person without nationality), and more of that. Papers had to come again from Egypt too, etc. It took months and months. At the end I think my parents were married 4 or 5 times, so if you talk about a "good"marriage, I think this was one!My father had to go back to Holland, to try to find a job and house. He had to go alone at first, my mother no being able to travel without papers, caused by the trouble of the divorce, her being stateless etc. And all that with a baby to be born soon.I will end this part with a kind of funny story, my mother told me:It was september 1945 and my mother felt the baby should come very soon. She had to go to hospital, so called for a taxi. It was quite a young driver, seeing my mother having her woes , getting all in panic and nervous. He broke all rules of traffic and speed records I think, crying out all the time:"Madame, s,v,p. attendez un peu, ne le faites pas dan mon taxi!!"or, in English:"Madam, please, wait a little bit, don;t do it in my taxi!!". They arrived safely in the hospital were my mopther gave birth to a helathy boy of about 8,5 pounds(say about 4 kg). He was named after my father, father of my father, and brother of my mother: Theodore Matthijs Victor, to be called"Dick", just as my father.
Wow, this was a long part, and only putting down a fraction of it, because they encountered a lot of "adventures"during that time.
Here is the freebie, named "Metallic Look", have fun!
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Thank you for sharing your story. It is fascinating.

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Kyra, your kit is just lovely, and oh I'm just enjoying your family history story so much. Can't wait to get here in the morning to read the next chapter.

Have a fantastic day my friend, hugs, Edna.

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An inspiring story! I really enjoy reading about your mother and father's adventures and the frightening times during that awful war. Thanks for sharing it with us.