Friday, July 24, 2009

Too much rain for now

Goodmorning everybody!
As I am sitting here at the computer I hear the rain pouring down! Not just a few drops, oh no! Curtains of rain, rather short, but if you are walking in it you are soaked! Hmmm and I have to go out later. Well, perhaps it will settle itself a bit later today, meaning a bit less rain and a bit more sun. As it is said: Hope keeps you alive! LOL.
Yesterday morning I was all prepared to do the blog,and some bloghopping and then some serious designing but I still don;t learn, I must not make too many plans! As I sat down I saw my msn flashing up and it was Snowy. We were worried a bit about our friend Edna, because we didn;t hear from her for a longer time(well, a day missing her is for us a longer time). So she asked if I heard anything, I didn;t yet and so we we sent her again an email and then had to wait. That done we stayed on talking and talking and talking and suddenly I think more than 1 1/2 hour just flashed by. Aweful when we really start talking we stay there too long but it's fun. And not only joking around, but also serious conversation!
Finally at the end of the day I got a message from Edna, and I was happy to hear nothing was wrong there, she only suffers from a kind of little depression and didn;t go on the computer for a little while. Well, I know that feeling, I think we all have times like that. May be if you are a visitor of her blog, leave her a little uplifting message, it will surely make her feel better.
It would be nice of you, here the link to make it easier

There is a little progress to announce in the rabbit-cat relationship! ROFL! Brodski sometimes dares to come in now and even jumps on the couch and then lies down for a while. And so sweet, yesterday I was sitting in front of the rabbit cage and Dikkie Dik came along and you know what? Dikkie and the rabbit even touched noses!! Then Dikkie turned around an walked away, not too interested, but it's something! So I think by the time the rabbit and bird will return to their home, all pets will be used to eachother. And next time we'll have to start over again LOL

To keep you busy in the weekend I have a nice kit for you, called it "Celestial Nights". Found some great brushes and it ended up in this kit. I hope you will all have a great weekend and we'll meet again on monday, all refreshed and in a good spirit, LOL!

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Edna B said...

This is a lovely kit, Kyra.
As for the rain, it will pass and leave lots of beautiful flowers and green grass behind. You are such a lovely person, the sun will surely shine for you whereever you may be. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Page 8 post on Jul. 25, 2009. Thanks again.