Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Late evening surprises!

Goodmorning you all!

Let's go right at it! Yesterday evening, late, wasn't my most relaxed and happy part of the day! No, not telling right. It started when earlier in the evening the rabbit was out on his daily stroll. You k ow the drill by now, after his happy hopping I am kind of hopping around with the sweeper. LOL. But yesterday he thought it wasn;t enough and did a BIG pee, d###$$####d rabbit! So right as it was noticed I came with the cleaning towel, rather soaked with water and a bit of chlorine, to celan it and hopefully the scent of the chlorine will discourage him to do it another time!!. Okay, that was done, even sprayed some airfreshener on the spot, pffff, done. But then real late in the evening almost at the same spot, our eldest cat Micky, sat there, looking real fuzzy, just as if she didn;t know where she was then came to herself again and walked away. Well, this happenes more often now, but not such a "long"period. Then Jan looked again and saw................ A BIG PEE glancing in the lamplight!!!!!!!! So at about 00.30 at night Kyra came out again with the towels, and had to clean up again. So you can see I was really BLESSED yesterday evening. It's nothing for Micky to do so, but I suppose it's her condition that let this happen. May be we really should think of it, that in not a too long time we'll have to say goodbye to her. Not a nice thought, but she is already of a respectable age, the poor thing.

I am really in the pet-stories lately, but there is happening all the time something with them. can;t help that. But for the rabbit I think we cancel the hopping around today, but as it looks to be good weather we'll put him in the garden(under the wire part of his cage) so may be he'll do his pee there. But no stroll today, although I am sorry for him. But my floor needs to be protected a little bit, LOL>!!

I am curious if we get a phonecall one of these days of Heidi and family, that they are back again. In principal they would go on holiday for two weeks, but Danny said to us, it might be even a week longer. So that's still a question mark, we might be "pet sitting"for longere than we hoped for. Well, it's not too bad, but it would be nice again to have my room back in "normal"state. ROFL.

On to the item of the day, your freebie. Today I have just a mini kit for you, and the preview I made a bit different for a change. I have the template for the preview as a freebie from and tried it out. I think it's not bad, specially nice for some smaller freebies. Well, here you have "Rose for the Heart" in a two colour scheme.
Have a terrific day, I hope for a DRY ONE(and I am NOT talking about the weather conditions, LOL).

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Edna B said...

These colors go quite well together. Another beautiful little kit. I love your new preview.

So sorry to hear of your bunny's new habit. I know what you go through. That's why I have so many little scatter rugs around. They are so easy to toss into the laundry.

You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

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