Monday, June 01, 2009

A quick catch up.

Hello everybody,
Just a real quick post today, but I wanted to warn you I will have a freebielist up today with no doubt some amazing things! So check back for that. I am enjoying the weekend to the full. It;s beautiful warm weather, so a bit of sun catching, yesterday I did some pruning especially on the ivy! Gosh, that always grows so fast, I really must cut it back a few times a year! Satuday afternoon Rob(Jan's brother) and son came by for some catching up. The only a bit pityful thing for me was, that I was just taking a nap!! Well, I got over it, LOL.
Certainly you noticed I changed the blog layout again, well, it's a new month and look at the slideshow on top! It's the new daily download on Magickal Scraps! Isn't it a wonderful one?
And it has a very versatile use, I think!
Well, so far for today, I will enjoy the extra weekend day and tomorrow I will be back, with freebie!
Have all a great day!

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