Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some LO and of course a kit

Goodmorning everybody!
What a marvellous day it was yesterday! It was really like summer, unbelievable at this time of year! So I did spent a bit of time in the garden with my book, great to relax! I also finally spoke again to my friend Heidi. We have a bit a lack of communication the past time, seems we just don;t take the time for it. Both busy with all kind of things. But all seems to go allright with her. However I want to see her too soon. We'll arrange that somehow!

Jan went out again for a walk yesterday!! Wow, what a news. But it is. The last few months he didn't "move' very much, but with the better weather it's also more inviting. I think he was away for over 2 hours, good for him. He has to do it, to get his muscles again in shape and it;s also good for the bloodcirculation. And it's also good for me, LOL! I always get more done when he is out of the house.

I want to show you an LO I made for the forum, for one of the challenges. It had to do something to do with Buddha, all the rest was left to our imagination. I made this:
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The kit yesterday was quit a dark one, hey? So I've decided to give you a very bright one today. I think you will get a real summer feeling of it! I named it"Let the Sun Shine In".
And today I want to start with another kit, I have the subject allready in mind and have gathered some stuff for it on internet. Now the hard part is coming: picking out a colour scheme! Well, I should manage that.
I have to go out today too, but it looks as if the weather isn't that good as yesterday. Still temperature seems to be fine and who knows, may be I just come back with some plants for "Jan's garden". That still is empty, but it is about time to fill it up with a lot of Impatiens and perhaps a few other sunny plants. I'll think about that, hmmm.!

So you all have a happy day, and even if the sun isn;t shining, let it shine somehow! A little smile already does miracles!!
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Edna B said...

Wowee!!! I love all this orange. Can't have too m uch orange. Love all the little critters in this kit. Thank you so much. Hugs, Edna

Aslay Sin said...

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