Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's travel some more

Goodmorning everybody!

I was a bit busy yesterday. Did almost all I wanted to do and even had time to have a little chat with Snowy and finish up another kit. So not bad for this old girl! Today will be running around time again, but I suppose I can do it in rather a short time. I also have to upload the next daily download for the forum, and even make a little extra for it, cause we were short of days. But no problem, everybody does a bit and we will have a download also for the last day in May.

Lately I am a bit worried about our girl cat, Micky. She is somehow acting a bit strange, Jan says perhaps she is suffering a bit of a kind of Alzheimer. Sometimes she can look at you so fuzzy. Bit strange. Well, the girl is about 14 or 5 years old now. not yet too old for a cat, but she is coming to a respectable age. Still eating rather well, so that's okay for the moment, but we will keep a closer eye to her. If there are coming more strange things in her behaviour, perhaps we should pay a little visit to the vet. I hope it will not be necessary yet though!

Today we will travel a bit more around the world. As we were in Greece yesterday, today we go much further, all the way to Japan! Yes, finally I made another oriental kit, called it "Saynonara". I think may be tomorrow I will have a surprise for one of my visitors, so keep your eyes open for it.!

Well, this is it for today, lots on the planning for today, also computerwise, but why shouldn't it be a fun day? As long as the weather stays rather well, I am happy.
Have all a great day!

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Anonymous said...

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Simone said...

Thanks so much Kyra, this kit looks just GREAT!!!!!!

Jeannie said...

This is stunning! Thank you for sharing it.