Monday, March 02, 2009

Freebielist 2-03-2009 and posting!

Hello everybody,

Back from hospital, where almost all was good news, now only Jan seems to have a bit of anaemia again. 'He had to deliver some blood again for tests and in about 4 weeks the doctor will call to give the results. In the mean time he can quit the medicine to help get away too much fluid, we'll try that out for the next weeks. Hope we can keep it in control, well, we still have to be careful with the salt for certain. He also gained some weight, so in all we can say it was a pleasant visit at the hospital.

Opening the blog I read I have received another award. This time it is from Lori Ruth from This is it and I think it is a very honouring one!

Rules are simple. Mention the blog you received it from. Nominate a few other ones and notifie them about it.
These are my nominees:

Did you see the new slideshow on top of the blog? it;s from the new daily download on the Magickal Scraps forum. Aren't that awefully good contributions?
And I am going to have a busy month again, lots of challenges to do on the forum and also the monthly colour challenge. Whoopeee, I like that to do. And in between I am also busy for my turn on the daily downlod themes, I have the month May. So no time to waste, and I am certainly not getting board!!!!
Okay, I will leave you now to the freebielist, which is a not too short one. Enjoy yourselves with it!

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tigger said...

Thank you!! I'll do my part of the award thing tonight after DD has gone to bed. You are really boosting my confidence lately. Thank you so much!!