Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I was a BAD girl, a bit!

Goodmorning everybody!
Remember I told you I had to do serious housework yesterday?? Well, I did some , rushed through it as fast as I could, still not all done that I planned. Oh, I am such a BAD girl! And why, you could ask. Well, before I went to the working bit, hahahaha, I first check always the Magickal Scraps forum, if anything new is there. And there was, oh boy. Lots of replies on posts and some entries for challenges. And my good friend Edna managed, with all her problems with her computer, to put up her colour challenge contribution before me!!!! We always have a friendly competition, kind of, between Snowy, Edna, and me, who is first in some things. Most of the time it's Snowy, in this challenge too, but now Edna was already there with hers. But what was the effect of it????????? All the time there was a computer calling me, "Hey Kyra, your Renaissance kit is waiting to be finished, come and do it, it's the time for it, because lots of other things have to be done too!!!""

AWEFUL!! All Enda's fault! LOL.
So I rushed through the most important things and jumped back at the computer and I did finish the kit. It was not an easy task this time, but I am rather pleased with the result. I will show it to you and so you will know what you will have somwhere in March. You know I always wait a month or more to offer it on the blog, because that is only fair to the contributers of the challenge.
Take a look and say what you think of it. The preview isn;t doing all the justice to the papers, but you get an idea,

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And now to the second part of Thinking of You. After posting all this, I will have a tiny bit of time left to go on with another kit I started and then I first have to do some shopping and on doing that I must crack my brains forthe letter challenge from this month. I still have to do the "H". Sometimes it is hard to pick out something for that letter challenge. But it is a fun thing and at the end, it will make a nice album.
So ladies, have a nice day, and all of you, who are in far better temperatures than we here, send us a bit of the warmth and sunshine, please?????????

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Download PART 2 HERE


Edna B said...

Oh my, what a wonderful chuckle I had when I read your comments at the forum, and then again here on your blog. You and Snowy make it so much fun trying to keep up with you both. I really do enjoy it so.

This kit is just beautiful. Thank you so much. and thank you for the smile you put on my face today. Hugs, Edna B.

Digi Free said...

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