Thursday, February 12, 2009

How will I do today??

Goodmorning everybody!

Goody, yesterday there was the day of shopping together with Jan to fill up the storage for food. We have a supermarket a bit further away, that is really a lot cheaper than the one in the neighbourhood, and with the same quality for most of the things. So we took the tram and the shopping car and came back with a full car and even a plastic bag. And twice we had the nice experience that a guy offered us to help with the shopping car, once getting in the tram back home and once getting off near our house. Wasn't that nice? But don;t you suddenly feel MUCH older too??? Yak!

At home I unpacked and put everythings on its place and then also did a speedy hoovering in the house. And then I thought it was good for the day and went on the computer. And my God, did it go bad!!!! I started 3 times with a different kit and after a while I skipped it all, not happy with it at all! I decided to go for some hopping on internet and look around if there was something I could use. And I found some bits and at once an idea crossed my mind and I started with it right away. And now I have done already 12 papers. Don;t know if I will put in more yet, but a start is made finally!

I think today will be a staying in the house day, I should do still some little things in the house, well, perhaps I have courage for it. LOL! But I also want to go on with the kit now. Oh I must not forget to make some copies for the tax papers and send them to the accountant. I have received the necessary stuff from the bank and morgage company, so it must be gone.

The kit for today is a bit funny one, not so big, but perhaps some of it will be useful. I named it "Cat and Mouse Play"and some of the things I could make thanks to She makes such wonderful things, worth a look around, believe me!
Have fun with the kit and have a magnificant day!
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mkikine said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful kit.

cindiaskew said...

Thank you for this awesome kit. i appreciate the labor and talent that went into it. wow tyfs

Anonymous said...

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