Saturday, February 07, 2009

Back in digital world again!

Goodmorning everybody!
You know about the tv problems yesterday. Well, we were patient and gave it till about 15.30 o'clock afternoon and looked again. NOOOOO, still no channels on the digital. Oh boy. Okay, I took courage and phoned again. Surprisingly, I didn;t have to wait too long before getting someone on the phone. Explained it all, the man said he saw on his screen I already phoned them and was surprised it still didn't work. He did some magic again in his computer, in between we had a nice chit-chat and said it should be alright, but I had to give it about two hours again. Then out of despair, I think, Jan went for a short time in the cafe, and at about 17.30 I looked again. Oh no, still nothing!!! I kept quiet and went to the kitchen to prepare food for the cats and so. Then I tried again at about 18.0 o'clock and OH MIRACLE OF TECHNICS, ALL WAS THERE! I was sooooooo releved, you cannot imagine it. I immediately called Jan to give him the good news. And he almost rushed home from across the street and with big smiles we zapped through all the channels, with all the time exclamations of: Ohhhh, that channel we have too!, or: see, I told you we had this and that too and: isn't it wonderful we have our choice back? Like little children with Christmas, unpacking all the presents!

In the afternoon I went out and found some very nice things for Séverine, I think I can make three packages out of it all, and I didn't spend a large sum of money. I tried to find some things with which she can be creative. Toys to play with she has already so much, better to give something she can be busy with, like craft papers, beads, stickers, even a small thing to learn embroidery, a little book(she is starting to read) with also stickers in it, to make it more interesting. Well, I hope she will be happy with it.

Today we stay at home, there is speed skating again, World championships, so then you know! It's also a good time to take out the laundry which has to be ironed, while watching the skating.
Now you know what I will be doing today, but of course also something on the computer!
The freebie today is perhaps a good one to scrap old pictures of the family, it has an old look over it and I named it"Precious Old Paper". Have fun with it.

Have a good day, see you again!
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Edna B said...

What a lovely kit, Kyra. thannk you so much. I am so glad to hear that you got all your channels back in working order. Isn't it nice to have so much to choose from?

You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

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