Monday, February 02, 2009

Amusing program, if there is nothing else!

Goodmorning everybody!

Definitately today I will have to get some work done, in the house! So no all too long talking now, and just a bit of play on the computer this afternoon.
But yesterday evening Jan and I had some amusement from tv. I think you know this program too, or something like it surely, called the X-factor. In short it's about lots of people who want to start a carreer in music and the showbusiness. They are still in the eleminitaion rounds, but oh boy, it's unbelievable what is turning up there! If you have not susch a good mood, you should watch that program to get a smile back on your face! They come with hundreds and hundreds and there are people just doing it for fun I am sure. But not so few really have the belief that they have a real talent and really can sing. And how wrong they are! Watching that sometimes Jan and I look at eachother and say, even we could go there and would be much better than lots of them there! There are really hopeless cases and they are sometimes offended by the words of the jury, when told it is better they stop with their "singing"adventure. Only a handful, sometimes really surprizing, talents are showing up! You couldn;t say it's a program of high quality but amusement factor is high at times! I can understand, that people love to sing, but please, have some selfknowledge and do know a bit what is good or not.! Unbelievable.

Well, that was one of the things we watched yesterday evening, cause un Sunday there isn;t much interesting here on tv. Or when there is, it is starting late!

During the day, I spent a lot of time searching for material I can use in new kits, specially some brushes. And I did find some nice things. Also I cleaned up a lot of folders, because I am just keeping things for ever and not using them anymore. So that takes only room for nothing. It's a time consuming thing but has to be done sometimes.!

And on to the kits for today. It's a kit I splitted in two parts, so tomorrow the other half will be there of "Thinking of You". I hope it is something you like! Now have a nice day, have a bit pity on me, because I am spending some time doing things I am not really enjoying! LOL.

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Edna B said...

Kyra, this is just lovely. Thank you so much.

I'm doing all that time-consuming stuff too. Need to clean up and clean out the pc before I can get me a new one. Oh glory!

Have a great night,
Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

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JillSF said...

I love the colours you have used in this beautiful kit. The lace is lovely. Thank you.