Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time to go out again

Goodmorning everybody.

As I am feeling lot better it is time to go out again, it;s a necessary thing to do to fill the storage again. So it's running time again today(but I will take it a bit slower) for the shopping.
Hmmm, one of these days I willl have to spend some time on looking around and bying a little present for Séverine, who will have her 7th birthday on the 8th of February. So I still have time, ut it's difficult to find something nice. She already has such a stash of toys and games, but I must say, she also is happy with a little present, always can buy her stickers, or some colouring stuff, and now she is in for more creative stuff, so probably I will search in that. You have such nice packs for children to make their own jewelry and so, and she likes being busy with her hands.
But first we have to deal with Jan's birthday on the 29th of January. No big presents, we banned that already for a long time, but I should be able to make us a bit special dinner. Might as well look for something today, to have it in the fridge.

Oh, suddenly Brodski is finding back his youth! You know we had that parcel from Poland and in it there were a few toys for our cats too. One toy mouse in particular is very much loved by Brodski. It can lay on the ground untouched for days and suddenly he spots it again and is throwing the thing all through the house, in the air and such. Amui=sing to see, you know. And just now he discovered it again. As he finds it on the most unexpected moments I am always too late to get a good picture of him in action.

Well, now the freebie for today. I made you a kit of candles, perhaps they are useful to make a nice layout of a "in memory"page? I named it "Candlelight to Guide Free Souls"and hope you can be creative with it.
Have a nice day, and till soon again.
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Cat said...

Hope you have a pleasant outing...Happy birthday to Jan..the 29th of January is my Dad's B-day too..


beulahmom said...

This is a lovely kit! Thank you so much for sharing.

Edna B said...

What a wonderful idea for a kit. Thank you so much. This will definitely be very handy.

Good luck with your shopping.
HUgs, Edna B.