Monday, January 05, 2009

Still far too busy

Goodmorning everybody!
Somehow I have to cut it down, but I don;t see how!! I am far too much busy with all the designing and challenges and mails, in short my computer. But it's such a nice thing to do and I love it. But I have to get still a bit more organized in it, somehow. Whoo, I almost finished the previews for the daily download we have also in February on Magickal Scraps, and we receives the numbers and title for it from Snowy and now I have to put the titles on and then upload them to the account for it. Hey, Snowy is putting up a slide show ffrom all the previews so when that is up I will tell you, so you can have a look. Because the parts for the daily downloads will not be available on my blog! So if you like to have them and also the other parts from the other designers(some beautiful contributions, believe me!) you'll just HAVE to subscribe for free to the forum.
Poor Snowy, who is doing all the work for it, making accounts, titles, slideshows and then ALL the other stuff she is designing and participating too. She does a really great job!
Oh I just can show you my contribution to the letter challenge, this if for the F.

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Here the link to see it bigger, mostly for the text

Oh boy, what a mess with the download of the yellow kit. I don;t know what went wrong, but yesterday I spent another half hour or so on removing the zip out of my archive, rezipping the file again, uploading it again to mediafire, removing the old, of course, still nothing, done it again, well after a while it suddenly worked as it should I hope it stays that way. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with today's download.
It's a rather dark one today, it's the blck colour, banemd Nero, Colore della Notte, = Black, colour of the Night.
It surely can fit some pictures, or perhaps you can mix it with some stuff from the other colour kits. I am a little bit in a rush, have to do quit some things, have to go out also for a moment, boy, busy, busy, busy. Then Wednesday is a yippee day, so not at all!!!!!! Then I have to clean up all the Christmas stuff and get the room in normal outfit again. Brrrrrrrr.
Okay, not too much to say I better go on with all I have to do.
Have a wonderful day.

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Download HERE


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kyra:)
Thank you so much for fixing the yellow kit link for me.:)I was able to get it this morning.YAY!
I also love your black one today.How cool! Thank you.:)
There isn't a whole lot going on with me today.I plan to do some organizing etc around the house.It's gonna be rainy here all day so I will stay in and stay busy.:)

Have a wonderful day!


Edna B said...

O-o-o-h, my Audrey would love this one. Her favorite color is Black. Snowy too. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day, Hugs, Edna.

snowraven's cave said...

Yup-you are right,Edna. I already told Kyra which colours I like,lol-I had the honour to see the previews before she published them.
Kyra, you need to calm down,lol-you are almost getting as bad as I am.
Hugs Snowy

Cat said...

You are a busy joined the forum..Very cool site..Wowser, do I have alot to learn..

Have a blessed day..

Cat said...

Beautiful tribute to your Father..I feel so blessed to have known my Father as an adult..We see Father's differently as a child..Do you think so?

Anonymous said...

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