Saturday, January 31, 2009

I always must awake well first!

Goodmorning everybody!

How about waking up and getting right away aproblem explained to you with a kind of despair by your hubby???????????
Not my kind of thing! I like to get up, take FIRST my coffee and sit for a little while, to get really awake. Perhaps I am having a bit of "morning sickness"as we call it here. Just give me a bit time to wake up and then you can talk etc etc.
So this morning Jan was sneeking through the house looking for something. He wanted small batteries, but looking on places I don;t have them lying around. For what?? He was almost in panic, because the remote control of the digital tv modem didn;t work. He couldn;t change the channels anymore. Oh boy, only the out and on worked. Ohh, ohh, I thought, there we go. We are so lucky persons sometimes, that all kind of things don;t work as they should. We changed batteries, no progress. Finally I called the supplier, got them real fast on the telephone, and explained. He advised me to take of the current for a few seconds and then put it back on. We did so and ohhhh miracle, it worked again!!!Glad that is done with, otherwise I had to listen all week-end to Jan, groaning etc about the new stuff, LOL.
What a way to start your Saturday with!

Today I have another Valentine kit for you, not really in Valentine colours I think, but it's nice to have a change. I know, there are loads of Valentine kits around now, and still coming on for the next week, but this one will definately be the last one I make this year. Its'named "Love for Always" and hope you still have some space for it on your puter and some pics to use it with. A very relieved person is wishing you a good Saturday with lots of fun!
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VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra!!
I finally made it back to your blog.:) Happy Belated Bday to your Jan!!I hope he had a great day controlling the remote control!!LOL
So sorry I missed it.I haven't been on my puter as much the last couple of days.I have been resting my back.It feels a little better now too.Maybe I can avoid the chiropractor this time???:)
Thank you soo much for the wonderful birthday greeting you left for me.How sweet!!:)I had a fantastic day!!
I love your kits and thank you soo much for sharing them ALL with me!!:)
Have a wonderful weekend!


Edna B said...

This is just wonderful, Kyra. Thank you so much. I know what Jan is going through. My husband used to go crazy without his trusted and best friend, the remote. Men are funny like that.

Have a great day, Hugs, Edna B

Cat said...

Hey Kyra, So glad Jan has his remote and you have ur you both have a wonderful (restfull) weekend...Your blog looks Awesome! I love it...I must pick my Feb. many to choose from..haha..


Anonymous said...

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