Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cleaning up day!

Goodmorning everybody!

I will just try to be short, because a lot of work is waiting for me today. I could have started already, but I better wait a bit till Jan gets up(he is taking a longer sleep in the morning because often he sleeps not well during the night lately) and he brings me all the boxes. Then I can take all Christmas stuff off and right away into the boxes.
Tomorrow it will be actually be a day just for me!!!! Why??? Hahahaha, perhaps some of you will know, but I am not telling it. Tadaaaaaaaa. I keep it a secret.

I must not forget to put a little light on in front of my home-icon, because today is my father's birthday. And when I lut on the light I always look at his picture and wish him a happy birthday. Perhaps a bit funny, because he passed away already so long ago(this year it will be 19 years!) but I never forgot a year. For a moment I am always a bit sad, but then it passes away quick, it's part of our lives, isn't it?

I finally managed to pay a visit to Heidi yesterday, it was nice, she was home all alone, so we could talk about anything. After all the holidays she was a bit tired, but it was good to see she looked much better than a while ago. Not having to go to work is doing her good, and probably she will give up her work totally this year. It will be much better for her, because it gave her a lot of stress, the atmosphere on her work wasn't so nice anymore and it played also a big roll on her health.
Oh, I have something extra for you. We have a calendar challenge on Magickal scraps and I have the January part of it. I give you the preview and under it is the link to the big JPG picture and you can then click right and save it as on your computer(I hope). I am a tiny bit late with it, but okay it's the idea that counts, hahaha.
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So now quick to the freebie today, it is my Valentine kit. Yes I am offering it early, but I already saw on many blogs they started with it. I must give credit to Adelina from for the terrific bows, she offered as a commercial use freebie on her blog. I tried to make it a bit different from the usual, you know all pink and or red. I kept it in soft colors, and hope you will like this style too!
All of you, have a splendid day and enjoy it, okay?
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Sandy said...

I really like the break from the traditional colors! This is gorgeous - Thanks so much!!

Edna B said...

What a beautiful Valentine kit. Love it!! Thanks so much, hugs, Edna B.