Monday, December 22, 2008

I am having a break.

Goodmorning eveybody!

Let's start with this first:

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It was a fine day yesterday, got quit some things done, even boaring one, like ironing some laundry, hey! Cleaned up here and there and took lots of time at the computer. I made this wish for you, I posted different challenges, I will show you one, the Heritage challenge. We were supposed to take an old Christmas picture and scrap it, and with about 66% of things of Magickal Scraps forum or from Snowy from Snowraven's cave. I was lucky to have found really old pictures from Christmas. Here it is:
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Then there is a "Kitchen"challenge. We were given one color, which we could use, make different gradienst and then had to make 6 papers and then also make kitchen utensils, accesoories or whatever you need in a kitchen. I am not sure what else we will have to mke for that kit, perhaps still some other embellishments, I suppose. The idea is, that at the end, all contributions would make a substantial kit. It's a nice one. Here I can show you already what I made of it.

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What do you think?

Wow, I do have a lot today in the post, isn; t it? But we are almost done. Now the tricky part. How difficult t will be to keep it up, I don;t know, but I will try to have a break from the blog for a few days. Or if it;s too hard for me, could pop in for a second, to write something, but there will be NO freebies for a few days. Oh, don;t worry, just after Christmas I will be there again. But I think that it's good for me, to focus a bit on the designing, putting up some "stock"again, trying out some new things and ideas etc. And then Christmas is there, and I surely will be be on my puter but most of the time I want to spend with Jan, on the couch, having nice snacks, watching all that there is on tv, well, just trying to have a good time.

So probably Saturday I will be back as usual. May be I will not leave you completely and still put up a few freebielists. We will see. Just check from time to time and don''t abadone me!!!!! It's just a mini tiny break, I am not giving up on you!!! Hey, what do you think??? You are a part of my life in a way, so I will cherish that always!

Now on to the kit for today. Born out of the color challenge on Magickal scraps, the one from November. It had a given colorscheme and it had to be a bit vintage, old style like, with something in it, for the New Year, it was my first try on something like that. This was the color scheme

Here is the kit, I hope I am not breaking any rules of the forum by offering it now as a freebie. Well, I should have checked before, but now I cannot ask because nobody is there at this time. So I;ll dive in it and see later. Naughty girl I am, yes!!

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Dowload HERE

And now, dear visitors, I wish you an awesome Christmas, all in good spirit and cozy and see you back soon.



Cat said...

Kyra, lovely layout..I luv ur vintage pictures. You soo deserve a break. Have a nice one.

Christmas Hugs..

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 22 Dec [LA 09:00pm] - 23 Dec [NY 12:00am, UK 05:00am, OZ 04:00pm] ).

Edna B said...

Your kit is beautiful. I never gave a thought to what the rules were, so I will have to find out. I have things I could post too.

My friend, thank you for all the wonderful things you have created and shared this year. Thank you for being such a really nice friend, too.

Your Christmas card is gorgeous, and Tootsie and I wish you the happiest of Holidays, and a grand & healthy New Year.

Hugs, Edna B.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Merry Christmas Kyra and Jan!!!!:)
Hope you have a wonderful day full of love,joy,peace and happiness.:)
I will be back to catch up on your blog...but for now..I have got to rush.:)
Thanks for being you!!:)

Hugs to both of you!