Friday, December 05, 2008

Almost decorating time!

Goodmorning everybody!

I will be busy today, well, that's what I hope for. Jan has to go for a quick jump to hospital to deliver some "stuff"for the tests, I want to wash the curtains and do the windows, Danny said he was dropping by for a cup of coffee, I try to do some week-end shopping, oh boy, it will never come together!

I will try to do these things and probably some more today, because I want to be "free"tomorrow as I have planned to start decorating the house for Christmastime! And I know that will take some hours, and afterwards I'll be kind of broken(back will protest and some other muscles too, I suppose, LOL).

Yesterday I stayed in, and it was a good decision, because it seemed to have been the worst day of the week, concerning the weather. Part of the afternoon it was snowing, the wet snow, it was cold with some nasty winds, but the day before I was out.. And in the street not far from our house, there is the annual ritual of looking in one of the houses. Yes, I actually stand still in front of the window and look in!. Every year the lady( I think she already is in her early 70's) is decorating the house for Christmas in an awesome way! The room is sooo stuffed, but she does a wonderful job. So if I see her, I stop for a moment and let her know in a sort of sign language how wonderful it looks. It has become a kind of tradition, I suppose. Then she looks so happy and gives me a big smile. It's a nice thing.

So now auick on to the kit for today. It is the kit, I spoke about some days ago. It's become a rather big one, so I made two downloads for it. One for today, and the other will be there tomorrow. In every part there are some papers and embellishmnets together. Well, there are 25 papers in total. I made it to be a kind of wedding kit, but apart of a few papers, you can easily use it for all different themes. I named it "Love in colour", because of the papers that have a look of embroidered satin and brocade. So rich textures, you could say. I think the preview doesn't show well the shining like textures well. I really hope you will like this one, it is not in traditional wedding colours, but in a few warm colors, I came to it, because of the textures, they made me think of the sari's of India, on their wedding day, or another festive event.

Well, I hope you all have a nice day, mine will be filled with a lot of things and then I also want to do something at the computer too. HEEEEEELLLLLPPPP (LOL).
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Cat said...

Kyra, this kit is just gorgeous...(that is a beautiful thing, you watching the lady decorate her house, and showing ur happiness, makes her happy too!) Hope you and Jan have a wonderful day!!


Edna B said...

Wow, what gorgeous colors for a wedding. I can't wait to see the whole kit. Thank you so much. Have fun with the decorating. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

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Amie Brown said...

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amsangel said...

I agree that these textures are VERY rich! Lovely kit!! TSM!