Sunday, November 02, 2008

I have nothing!

Goodmorning everybody!

Right away I start with a disappointing anouncement: there is NO freebie for you today! I was busy on it yesterday, but I just couldn;t find the spirit to finish it the way I wanted. So hopefully today it will be finished. The cold is still about the same, although it has up and down periods now. So I think it is slowly getting better.

I will put up a freebielist(of course) for you so don't disabandone my blog completely.!

I hope you all will have a terrific Sunday, and I'll be there tomorrow again. Hope you forgive me for not having a nice long blogpost and the freebie missing.

Take care of yourself!


goooooood girl said...

Very fine......

Digitally Addicted said...

Please, just take care of yourself and don't worry about another kit until you're feeling better. You probably need a good rest.