Saturday, October 04, 2008

So sorry to disappoint you!

Goodmorning everybody!

I was so busy with a lot of mail and also doing all kind of things at home, it all took more of my time than I thought. So I did start on another little kit, but I couldn't finish it yesterday. So theterrible thing has happened: I have NO freebie for you today. It's aweful, I know and I do feel a little bit guilty, but I promise you that tomorrow there will be one up.

I started yesterday making a soup by myself. We both like to eat it from time to time, but for now I cannot use tins with soup, which you just have to warm up, not even the stock in little bottles, because there is too much salt in it. Well, no problem, I do it myself. The stock is ready now, all I'll have to do today, is putting in some vegetables, little meatballs etc. I still used some salt in it, te low-salt one, otherwise there is no taste to it at all. So I am looking forward to have a nice cup of soup this evening! I think I even can put some in the freezer, because I always make too much for one time.

I have still something to show you, it's a layout Edna she made with the Days for the Pets kit. It's with a picture of her sweetheart Tootsie. She is really posing like a STAR!

Is''t she SWEET????

Well, that's about all. I still have to do some things in the house today, like the favourite thing ironing(YAK), and at the same time turn the machine on for another laundry. It is just starting with it, that is always the most difficult. When busy it goes quick, so I must kick myself on my bottom to do so,.HAHAHAHA!

And then I will do the search for the freebies and also finish the kit. And I have already an idea for the next one, so hopefully I can make a start for it too. As you see, I have a full day ahead again.

I hope you still can have a good day, even without the freebie from me(LOL). Try to make it into a nice day, for pet owners, remember today is THEIR DAY, perhaps they are in for a little extra treat. I think my cats will have something real nice for their "dinner", they will not understand why, they will probably just swallow it down. But it feels good to yourself, isn;t it?? Not, that they are not traeted well the rest of the year, oh no. I think you can call them a little spoiled!

But why not, you took a pet because you liked it, they give you their kind of affection, so it's just normal you take good care of them!

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