Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long day with try outs

Goodmorning you all!

Yesterday evening I had a phonecall with Heidi, wanted to know how it was with here. She told me she had a phonecall with the hospital in Amsterdam( where she is under control and they have specialists there for her disease) and in short : she will go for a couple of days in hospital the 10th of November to have some tests and scans done. Her specialist cannot get a grip on her situation and wants to do a good check up. I think it is a good thing. Then in December she will go in for another few days to do a very special scan too. I think one of the results will be that she will get the advice to cut on her working hours. For now she was still working for 14 hours a week, but I already told her that it was too much, together with the normal things she is doing every day. I strongly hope her specialist will tell her that too! Perhaps she will listen too that.

Then I was out for some shopping, had to find some raisor blades for Jan, he has such a hand thing where you can change the blades. I bought that for him years ago. It's a simpel thing but he likes shaving with it. Now guess what? Last week I bought a package blades for him. he wanted to use them, impossible! It was for a "click"system and his raisor thing has little blades which you have to shove in from the side. So yesterday I went back to the shop and they were kind enough to take them back and give me the money back. I then looked around in 3 shops to find the good ones.............NOT TO FIND!!! I gave up looking for it, did my other shopping and quickly went home, because it was kind of nasty weather, raining, a bit of cold wind, YAK. Well, I just have to look in another shop for the blades, but that will be for tomorrow. Today I am staying in!

I finally want to get some pictures uploaded, hope it will go smoothly. If that goes well, I want to try out the scan. And IF times is left, want to try to burn a cd with some of my kits, so that they will not get lost. But you know how it is when I am planning something ahead, GRIN GRIN GRIN!!! But I was up early this morning, so I can spend more time on the computer, yippee!

Let's go to the kit for today. Making it I had a bit my friend Dee in the head, the one with the recipe card making group. Well, perhaps she can use a few of the papers for it. So yes, it's a "cooking"kit, but I kept it rather simple. But I hope you can use it anyhow. Yeah, that's also a thing I once have to do! Organizing my recipes I have assembled over the years(and the ones I still have from my mother). It should be nice to put them on cards, and print them out, or burning them on a cd perhaps.

Oh, Heidi also told me, she started making some Christmas cards( you remember I brought her all my paper scrap accessories?). But also Séverine likes to use them for her own projects, whatever they may be. She several times asked her mother if it would be alright to use all the things, nice hey? Well, I don't mind, I am glad she is busy in a creative way.

Okay, end of rambling and here is the preview and downloadlink.
Have a very nice day, and spend it well!

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Edna B said...

Thank yous so much, Kyra. This will be a perfect for the recipe scrapbook that I am making to give as a gift. Hugs, Edna.