Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The last part of Childhood Play

Goodmorning everybody,

Today is again Heidi visit day, so I am a bit more pressed to hurry up. I am sooo busy on the computer the last two days, lots of work to do, but you have to wait still a bit to get it all revealed. !

So yesterday nothing much happened, although.................I have a little blue spot on my bump! Why? Because I kicked MYSELF, LOL!!! I had to do a a laundry, so as it turned in the machine, I got rid of the stuff that needed to be ironed. Brave girl I am, sometimes. LOL
Then I did bit computer, then had to hang out the wash, again a bit computer for the freebielist, then already dinner time came in site, so into the kitchen. Then bit computer and then dinner. Then computer, and finally installed myself on the couch with Jan, watching tv, during I was crocheting again. You see, how fast time is going when you have things to do? Oh, in between I was doing some MSN and emails. MSN is a very nice thing to have and to do, but before you know, you are rambling along and 20 minutes is nothing!
I did a good job, making more food than for one day, so today I only have to put it in the oven. And normally this tastes even better the second day. Smart, hmmmm..................??

Oh, yesterday evening it was good to see Jan again really laughing to tears! Brodski likes to tease(read: annoy) our Micky sometimes. I don;t know what that is, for days, he will not give her a blink and suddenly he comes into the room, looks around, then take a run and jump to the couch where usually Micky is laying and forces here away. Not nice of him, but cats have their own ways. But yesterday he was creeping towards her and before he had notion, the little one jumped up on him, giving him a loud: shhhhhhhhh and a tap with her paw!! Brodski really was swept off his paws and took the run. At that time Jan started to laugh out loud with tears running off his cheeks! Gasping for breath he said: Wow, this little old maid keeps surprising us in the strangest ways!"
About half an hour later Brodski was lying on his normal place, next to me on the couch, he only HEARD Micky making a little move and...OFF he run the coward!! It was really a funny situation.

Okay, enough of the household talk and cat stuff, you are probably a bit curious of part 4 of Childhood Play. Well, here it is, with the ribbons, tags, frames, journals and some toy elements. I really hope you can have some fun with this kit.
I already started another one, but perhaps I will not be able to finish it already today. Well, we will see, maybe I make something very small for tomorrow's download and then the day after you will have another kit.

Take care of yourself, have an awesome day!

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Deltapdawn said...

I like your new background on your blog! Let me know if you want me to try and help you get your sidebar items to fit. I had to play with mine a while before they were just right. I can tell you how I did it!

Edna B said...

What an awesome kit. These elements are terrific. I just love those chickens.
Hugs, Edna B.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Evening Kyra:)
Love the elements to your kit.How cute!Thank you so much for sharing:)
Funny story about your cat.hehe.They can do some of the oddest things sometimes.DD's cat is a lot of fun to watch like that too.:)
I had been wanting to change the looks of my blog for a longggg time now and seeing you take the plunge..I decided to do mine too.I love the way it turned out.:)I still need to learn how to do the rest of the blog with my own designs instead of just the header.LOL I will have to take the time to look at some of the tutorials a little closer...and make sure Jim is home to help me when I mess it up.hehe
Have a wonderful rest of the day.:)