Saturday, October 18, 2008

I have been busy for you

Goodmorning everybody!

So first the day of yesterday. Boy, did I got some groceries!! As usual I did buy too much. That is to say, all the things neceassary, but it took up so much space in the little shopping car, that I had to take a plastic bag extra to get it all home. And boy, I had all HEAVY stuff in it, and I was soooo glad I finally got home and was able to put my keys in the keyhole. My arms were a bit trembling and I first had to sit donw a bit, to get in normal shape again. Sometimes you just don't notice how much stuff you are dumping in the supermarket wagon, and for sure you always miscalculate the weight!

Then I put all the things away, made packages for the freezer for the meat and bread and took a cup of coffee. Then I was off to Heidi. Good I had taken the keys with me, because Danny was just picking up Séverine from school, and this way Heidi didn't have to go to the door to open it.

I spent there some time, chatting with her. Of course she was pretending it wasn't so bad, buut she always does that. Such a stubborn girl in some ways!. But she looked very tired and I hope she got a bit of a shock now, so that she will take better care of herself (but knowing her, that is just wishing upon a star!!!!). Also had a chat later with Danny, and I saw he was a little bit worried. Not to het sad all the way, but he is looking after her with sharp eyes. Which is only a good thing. But when she is recovered(she thinks it takes about a week or 3 at the most, the stupid girl!) she has really to cut down a bit on her activities. But she has the urge to be with Séverine on all the things she is doing, because she is somehow afraid people could say she is a bad mother, because she doens't attend at all activities(like playing after school, the swimming lesson, going the library etc.). Well, it's one of the things you NEVER could say about Heidi, she is an adorable mother!

Danny also told her already many times, that it is better not to attend to all things, or if she does, just for a shorter time, then to do it all but living shorter. Because with her disease she has a good chance not to grow very old, that's true.

Well, up to me too, to get that into her head on a devious and diplomatic way!

Oh the little one came home yesterday, right to Heidi with the message she had a diploma! It was for reading. All the words she does read well now, were mentioned on it. She was so proud of it and told me also that not all the children had the diploma! Good for her. And it was lovely to see the sparkling and proud eyes of Heidi when she looked at the diploma!

So I was a bit away from home yesterday and was glad I could make the freebielist. Then I had to make dinner and then I had some more time on the computer. But I don't have a full kit for yo today. So I thought it might be an idea to give it to you in a few parts, it gives me a bit time, to finish it nicely. Today you will get a first part of the papers, so you will have already an idea how it will be. It has a vintage feeling over it, but I just love the pics for the papers. I had to give it some name and it is "Childhood Play". A lots of little events in a child's life, specially about the little games we, and certainly our parents, played. Hope you will like it.

Okay, I will upload it now, then must go out for a short time and then I hope to be able to get on with the kit. Have all a very good weekend and happy scrapping!

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VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
It was such a pleasant surprise to find another wonderful comment from you on my blog.How sweet!I am so glad you like the doll pages.The gold one isn't going as fast as the other.I am partial to pink too.:)
I will wait to see how the gold one goes before taking the time to do any more.It's a lot of work.:)
Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic kits with me.I really do appreciate it..sooo much.
I am so sorry your friend is ill.I hope she recovers quickly.I will put her on my prayer list.:)
Thanks again for stopping by.I LOVE your visits!