Friday, October 17, 2008

Had not a good phonecall!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday I got a phonecall from Heidi, which starteled me up. She told me she was home in bed and had a pneumonia! Normally it already isn't a very nice thing to have, but in her case, with her PH it is not good at all! She is already under heavy medication and has to take that at least for a week. Next week she has a control but if it hasn't improved it's possible they take her into hospital. I felt sooo sorry for her, it throws her back in the health curve way back. I immediately asked her if she needed help at home, but fortunately Danny took right away a care leave from his job, so he is home all day. But I want to go over to them today, to take a look. It may be gives Danny a little time to do some things knowing somebody is taking care of his wife. I am really a bit worried, it stays in my mind all the time.

Surely it will take at least several weeks before she will be quit okay again, but who cares? As long as she WILL be okay again.

So that was the shock yesterday.

As you may have noticed I changed the bloglayout again. I did it a bit quick, because of the plans for today, so it may change again? I had several remarks, that people had trouble reading it, so I try another one, also from Aurien, and also changed the font size and colours . I think the size of font makes it already easier to read. But let me know, if it isn't working for you, we happily will change it again. Every day a new blog look, how exciting and disturbing, LOL. But as the blog is first for you, my loyal visitors, I must try to make it easy to read, of course.

Hey, still managed to finish a kit yesterday. I am already warming you, that there might be not a kit tomorrow, viewing the plans I have today. Well, I think you can understand that. But to start the week-end I still have on"named"Take the Past with You". I made it with the intention to have a kind of kit for some heritage like layouts. I hope I succeeded a little bit. I think, old pictures will look fine on some of the papers. And what do you think about the colors?

So I hope you are happy with this one.

Now I quickly must do some things on the puter and then rush off for the grocerie shopping and then off to Heidi. Don;t know when I will be back, so it may be that you will have to wait for th freebielist a little longer. We will see how the day will go.

Take care of yourself, try to have a nice day.

Download HERE


Anonymous said...

Hope Heidi recovers quickly. We'll send positive thoughts her way.

Today's layout is much easier to read, both because of the lighter colors and the darker text. Thanks!

eilajean said...

thank you so much for sharingyour talent. These colors are beautiful

upto53 said...

Thank you so much for sharing!