Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy Sunday

Goodmorning everybody!

I hope the new layout for the blog is better. But now I have another problem! You could call it a luxury problem, hahahaha! I found another site(and I know it is one of many offering free blog layouts) which has sooo much of them and sooooo beautiful ones, that I think I will be chainging a lot more in the coming time. Perhaps it will be a bit disturbing for you, I don't know. But now I can find layouts for every season or holiday which could be nice also. A change of layout depending the season. For the moment I will stick to this one, but prepare yourself for some possible changes. I am not the type who sticks to one bloglayout for her whole life. Terrible, isn't it??? I also changed of shoutboxprovider. Hadn some wierd things with the links. So I will try this one for now. Hope it works okay.

In the title of the post I mentioned a busy Sunday. Well, it will be a bit. This morning, after my coffee, of course, I already was busy in the kitchen, making the apple dessert for Heidi. I promised to hop over today again and that I would bring a surprise dessert. I know, I am nuts with that kind of thing, but it is a simple way of pleasing somebody and I'll know she will be eating something this evening. Devious, hmmmmm???
Then I went through my closets, to find all my paper scrapping stuff I still have. Heidi mentioned she wants to make her own Christmas cards, has already some stuff for it, but as she then went ill, still misses things. So I will bring her my stuff(enough for very much cards!!!) and hopefuly she soon can start making them. And as I am as I am, I went out yesterday and found some little things, specially for Christmascard making and bought that for her.

It will be funny to see me going out for the visit, I am going with my shopping car, because I have so much to take with me, this way it is easy to carry around. And then I still have ( well, not actually HAVE or MUST, but I surely WANT to) to do some computering for the kit I am offering you in parts. Then it surely already will soon be time for dinner, perhaps after it still a bit computer and then some favourite series have to be watched on tv, like Ghost, Moonlight(just new here), Supernatural and Law & Order. So am I right talking about a busy Sunday?????
It's obvious that often a day is not enough to do all you want to.

Okay, now here is part 2 of Childhood Play. It's also a paperpack and there is following another one. Wow, lots of papers, isn;t i? I just hope, you like it a litle bit. I wish you all a terrific Sunday, and take care!

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Edna B said...

Kyra, these papers are just beautiful. wonderful work. Thank you so much.
Hugs, Edna B.