Friday, September 26, 2008

You really feel the Autumn.

Goodmorning everybody!

Autumn is really here now. Especially if you feel the temperature in the mornings. You could call it fresh. But you also see it by the light, it has a kind of different colour. Then the days are WAY shorter already! But when the sun is shining during the day there are wonderful moments to enjoy. Like yesterday, when Heidi came over for a short visit. First we sat in the room, she wanted to know all about Jan, so she talked a bit with him. Then, as always she wants to have a look in the garden. And in the sun it was so nice that we sat there for about half an hour. The last few weeks Heidi's condition diminished some which isn't good. I think she still has too much on her mind and is trying to do too much. E.g. two weeks ago she had to work 4 days of about 5 hours a day instead of 2 days as normal. And that is something she must not do. Plus the normal household things and little appointments with dentist, hairdresser, fysio therapeut swimming lessons for the little one, etc. she is exhausting herself. And after a while she gets the blow from it. And then it takes some time to recover. But how to let her do less and still letting her feel "useful"???? That's difficult. I think I go over today and talk a bit with her. Not that that will help a lot, but already the fact she can speak out will do her good! So you see, everybody has his/her own problems in life!
And she is such a sweetie, you know. As she left she said she would look for a bottle of alcohol free "champagne" for Jan to celebrate Monday his one week without any alcohol. It doesn't matter if she brings it or not, just the idea of it is wonderful!

What kit I have for you today? I made it with the intent to be a kind of wedding kit, but a lot of it you also can use for lots of other pictures, but still with a bit of romantic touch in them. I named it "Two Hearts, One Life". Well, if you decide to live your life with your loved one, it becomes "One Life"ruled by two hearts, isn' it?

Well, have all a very nice Friday, try not to be too stressed and enjoy the fact that weekend is very near!

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upto53 said...

Thank you so much for sharing!

Edna B said...

These colors are nice. They would do well for an anniversary,too. I like the lace with the bow. Thank you so much. Hugs, Edna B.