Monday, September 01, 2008

Here I am again!

You must be thinking I am nutz to post 3 times in 1 day. But I am soo Excited, that I wanted it to share with you already.

Nore from gave me another award. I like this one a lot. Here it is:

Isn't it a nice one? And here are the, thank God, simple rules:

Receiving the award you post it on your blog(of course) and nominate 4 other blogs. And I think it is only fair to mention the name of the blog you received it from. That's all.

I nominate:

Linda from

Edna from

Valinda from

Gavotte from

Now I still have a bit less than an hour to play a bit around before I must make dinner.

Nice evening all !!


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Afternoon Kyra:)
How sweet of you to think of me and share your award with.:)I am so honored to be on your list of trusted friends.Thank you so much.!:)
I also..LOVE your new kit.It's so pretty!:) Thank you for sharing it with me too.:)
Sorry I didn't get here sooner..but DH was off of work today and we went out for the day.Shopping some... out to lunch and then to a movie.:)We picked up some KY fried chicken and some side dishes to bring to the house for supper.I feel spoiled.LOL
Thank you for the link to the ABR reader.I don't need it at the moment ..but I am going to learn Photo shop some day ( I have PS Elements 4 and haven't learned it yet) and when I do..I will remember you.:)
Have a wonderful evening or day.Not sure how many hours are between us.How about both?.LOL

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Awww, Ms. Kyra, you are just THE SWEETEST ya know!

Thank you SO much for counting me as a TRUSTED FRIEND. I wish I could just give this WONDERFUL award right back to you as I feel the same about you!!!

I am humbled and honored and I still need to post the last award you bestowed upon me. Very soon, I shall have to set aside a DAY just to post my awards and those I wish to pass them on to.

I hope that you and Jan had a WONDERFUL day of celebration for your FIRST year together as husband and wife!

I would like to take this opportunity to, once again, thank you for ALL that you do for ALL of us in SCRAPLAND darlin'!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)