Thursday, August 21, 2008

I can hate sometimes town councils.

Goodmorning everybody.

Yesterday I received a little card from the town council or a related "service"of it, to call them for an appointment. It was from the departement of town development. They keep an eye on the maintenance of the houses in town. And if they think it is necessary they can oblige you to take care of it as house owner. A few years ago they also had suddenly an "uprise"of it and our house + the two appartements above us were not in an all too good state of painting. But they force you to do something about it, if you have the money for it or not. And if you don't do it they send workmen to do it and you receive the bill for it, which is usually not a very low one! So unforseen we had to spend a rather big sum of money at that time and I was not happy with it!Of course it is a good cause that they look to it and warn you if some things on the outside of the house could become dangerous or so. But I also think they mingle in too much.Luckely we just had all done from the painting and I just had the new part of the doors, remember? Well, better get rid of them as soon as possible I called and the man is coming over this afternoon. I asked him for what he was coming and he had (till now) nospecial remarks. Just wanted to have a quick look, also at the back of the house, but he had seen already the work we had done and it looked okay. What a relief. Not jumping yet too high of joy, you'll never know what he might think to find!! But I think(hope) all will be well enough. On the phone he said he had still a file that he wanted to complete and that he wanted to take some pictures from the house outside how it looks now. We'll see.

But those things always make me a bit nervous, you know. Things from government and town councils etc. usually cost you money. But wheeeeee, if once you want something from them!!! That's quit a different story!!!!!

Enough of the lamenting from me. What is there in stock for you today? Hey, something with animals again. Things time mostly very small ones, the bugs. Now I am not a very big bugs lover at all, I don;t like very much those animals, although they are very useful and necessary in nature, I know. Specially the creeping things like worms, or sow-bugs or ear wigs etc. I don't like. But the cartoons and cliparts of them are often very nice and funny. I found some and made papers with them. I hope you will like them too. The kit is namend "Fun with Bugs". Enjoy playing with it.

So it's time to take my second cup of coffee and then slowly I must get moving, to get some things done. Have no clou yet what to make for dinner today, but don't worry, I will think of something. Must think of something nice for Sunday, perhaps I already have an idea. When I figured it all out I will let you know.

Everybody, enjoy the day, take care.

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Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 21 Aug [LA 03:40am, NY 05:40am, UK 10:40am, OZ 08:40pm] ).

Edna B said...

Your little bugs are adorable. I don't like bugs but these are cute as a button. (What I can see on the papers) Thank you so much, Kyra.
Hugs, Edna B.

Becky Jo said...

Hi, Kyra!
Sorry to hear the town council is coming to see you - hope all goes well with that. I know what you mean - don't know how everyone lived without them before! LOL
Your bugs are cute! Thanks for sharing them. Have a great day!
Becky Jo

Elizabeth said...

I guess the letter from the Town Council thing is the same everywhere, we get them because a neighbor reports us for whatever he can think of. Stuff like the workers put the expired water heater on the curb one day too early for trash day. I couldn't have them not and drag it down myself. So I got a warning letter. Same thing everywhere, huh! I'm sure the city official loved your doors, though, how could he not! I wouldn't give it another thought, after all, you've a dinner date to plan!