Monday, August 04, 2008

Alphabet Fun part 8, the last

Goodmorning everybody!

Today the week starts with a hospital visit for Jan. This time they will make an echo. So let's see what is coming out of that. Then next week he must return to the specialist for result. I have somewhere the idea we are not yet ready with it all. No matter, as long as it will have finally a result I do not mind.

Now I have to deal with my award I received from Marie, from

Once again here are the rules:

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I think after not doing a nomination a few times, it is time I award some other blogs again. Here they are:

I chose them, because I think they make beautiful things or very special things, so girls, I hope you will have fun with the award!

I have today the last part of the Alphabet Fun for you. Actually it are 2 part, the clips and some elements. Hope you enjoyed it a bit. It WAS a long download! Tomorrow there will a "regular"kit for you, just 1 download.

Now over to York

Tuesday 6 May 2003

We woke up at about 06.30 o'clock. On ease we made something to drink and then got dressed. At 08.00 o'clock we went down for the breakfast. A real English breakfast of course. It was self-service, so I got a bit of everything on my plate, because we had to have a good "layer"for today. Around 08.35 o'clock we went to the staion to take the bus to Bridlington, a town at the seaside. There was living an old friend of Josy, Kathy. We had a real dubble-decker, so of course we took a seat upstairs. We had an excellent view from there. The driver also was very nice. When we got in the bus, he asked Josy, if perhaps she could show him some kind of pass which would show him she was a "senior". She had such a thing and so he gave us a reduction on the busticket and another ticket with which we could take any bus in the district the whole day long. Isn't that sweet??? We went off. Coming closer to Brindlington the weather also started to look much friendlier, till we had full sunshine. The bus was driving the countryroads, so we could see a lot of the scenery, so lovely, not possible to describe. Just outside Bridlington there were working on the road. Had to wait a bit, so we arrived 15 minutes later as planned. Kathy already was waiting for us at the busstaion with a taxi and we went to her home. She was living in an attached "senior"house. Arrived, of course there was a lot of talking to do. It was nice to see the two girlfriends chatting about all kind of things. Kathy also arranged a taxi for us for tomorrow. Then Josy wanted to show me the surrounding area of York, all the places she visited during her holidays with Henk(second husband). By bus it was almost impossible and she wanted to have all freedom, so no matter the costs, that was something she had in mind and it had to happen like that!!! At lunchtime Kathy made us a cold lunch, some sandwiches, salades, etc. We had hoped for a warm lunch, so it would have saved us the time in the evening. But no matter, it still was nice. Later in the afternoon we went back to York with the bus and we arrived home at about 17.0 o'clock. It all together had been a very nice day. We spent a little time in our room and then went on search for a little restaurant. Not too far away we found an italian one. That was a bit more expensive than eating in the pub, but why not. We are having a holiday! Josy took a risotto plate and I a pasta plate, all delicious. Back to the hotel, a bit doing this and that in our room ( a drink, talking about the day, some reading and so on) and off to bed. Josy had to take a good rest for tomorrow, because it's a big program to do! She already was all excited about it and I hope it will turn out as she has in mind. That would be a great pleasure for her.

Okay, I just have time to take my second coffee and post on the forums and then I have to wake up Jan. Then he has time to wake up and have something to drink before going to hospital. If all is going well, the echo will take about half an hour.

Then also today I have to check Dikkie Dik, if it still isn;t healing to well I think we still have to pay a visit to the vet. I hope, it will not be necessary. It's always terrible to tranport cats! Now we are a bit lucky that if would be Dikkie Dik, because the other two make such a noice. We already had that experience. They can miaow in such a pittyful way, terrible!

Oh, yesterday the cats where outside for a while, so we let out Snuffie, the rabbit. The poor thing cannot spend the whole time only in the little cage. And he was sooo happy. I think he was hopping around for an hour or two in the room. I think, he had a great time!!! After a while he was following me around the room. So funny to see!

Okay, folks, that 's it for today. Hope you'll have a nice day.

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tempus fugit said...

Hallo Kyra,
thank you so much for the award - it's giving me a creative boost and I'm really proud of it!
Love and hugs,

A-liya said...

Thank you, Kyra! I'm so proud with this award :)

Спасибо, дорогая Кира! Я оченm рада твоей оценке моего творчества :)

A-liya (Elena)

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 04 Aug [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

Edna B said...

Kyra, these are wonderful. Thank you so much.

You deserve the award. I'm proud for you.
Hugs, Edna B.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kyra:)
Congratulations on your award!! How cool!:)
Thank you sooo much for another part to your wonderful kit and also the story of your trip to York with your friend.It sounds like soo much fun to discover all those new places and to meet her friends.:)
Hope you get wonderful news about Jan.:) I will be praying for you both.!

Angélique974 said...

Spasiba Kyro tysm for your award, I don't see it because i've change my blog ! If you are ok i'll put your award in my new blog !?