Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Very depressing weather

Goodmorning everyone!

So glad to hear I am not the only one suffering from the quitting electronic apparel! Now we can use eachothers shoulders to let out some tears from the stress and then move on! LOL.

Not so much to share with you today. All by all yesterday was a very quiet day, I did some necessary things and am halfway a new kit. Only the weather is kind of depressing. There ae moments, it looks almost like october when you take a look out of the window. Rather a lot of rain is falling down, with a a lot of wind. Only a few moments a day suddenly the sun peeps out. Well, we have to live with that, that's how the weather can be around here. A few days wonderful and then back to rain, lower temperature etc. and then it changes again.

Therefor I picked out a joyful kit for you today. Still the circus has some magic in it, don' t you think? Especially for the kids. And I hope it stays that way. So here it is "Enchantment of Circus". I hope you will like it and that you can use it, of course.

Have a nice day, try to enjoy it and don;t have too much stress! It doesn't do good things with you, believe me, I know all about it! Not to worry about all too much, it will pass, but in some
moments...............................you know. !



Edna B said...

Oh, Kyra, this is such a fun kit. I love the circus, as a child and as an "oldie." Thanks ever so much.

Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

:) I managed to befuddle an entire group of grade-school (primary school) children earlier this year when I told them my favorite weather is cool enough for a jacket and drizzly. It's sunny and around 90F here these days--wanna trade weather?

Glynis said...

I love this kit what a wonderful gift thank you!! I am adding you to my blog, I am 3 weeks into this new hobby it is fun!