Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Poor kitty

Goodmorning everybody!

Wow, yesterday evening I had fun again. There was another Stark Trek film on tv with captain Pickard! This one was"First contact". How nice to watch a movie, without having to think hard! I think, they have a kind of cycle this month or so, to broadcast one every week. Hope I am am right.

Oh, I have a poor kitty, the smallest one. Poor thing has a collar against the fless, but it seems this one isn't helping very much. She is biting and licking almost all the time and yesterday I checked a bit and she still is bothered by too many flees. So today I must find her special drops for it, which I can aplly on her neck, or find pills or drops, to put in her food. It is with her always a little struggle to apply those drops, she is always very "not-amused"when I do that, and better is to do it together with Jan. One is holding her tight and the other quickly puts the drops on. I don;t hope it will be necessary, to buy a shampoo for her to give her a bath, because that would become a battle-field with her!!! Our beloved "Tiger" that we had for about 16 years,( some years ago he died) was such a droopy and friendly cat. One time we really had a plague of flees, how terrible it was and also the cat was full of them, despite the precautions we took. So he had to go in a little tub and under the shower. He protested, but only with the sound he made. Sooooo pityful, but we could handle him together. But how aweful they look all shampood and then all wet! Suddenly you have a very thin and shivering cat between your hands. I REALLY had pity with him. But most important, the cure helped indeed.

Well, first we will try the special drops for the little one and at the same time, of course, we will give it to the other two too.

You know I have really a bit a hard time keeping up the freebies every day! Perhaps I am forced for a while to cut that back and post one very other day, so one da a post with and one day without freebie. The kits take more and more time of me, because I want to keep them of a nice quality and more and more I am making masks and element templates myself, and that takes a bit more time. I am not saying the change will happen, but I keep the possibility in mind. I hope, that if that happens for a while, you will not mind too much. Be sure, that as long as I can keep this blog going, there will be freebies to snatch!

Now the new kit. This is a fantasy one. I always like the bit "mysterious" ones, you know. Or fairies and dragons and ggnomes, etc. This one I named; "Never limit your Fantasy". And that is so true. You never must give up dreaming and certainly fantasy is something, you must not give up. Like when you read a book e.g. I almost all the time picture it somehow in my mind. I "see" what happens in the story. Anyway, I hope you will like this kit.

Have all another nice day, and keep the fantasy going as much as possible!



Anonymous said...

Magnifique !!


efie said...

ik denk dat iedereen blij is met wat je maakt WANNEER je het maakt!
ook al is dat maar 1 of 2 x per week!
Het gewone leven gaat gewoon voor ,tenminste dat vind ik.
Je hebt tenslotte je naam al gemaakt,niet dan?Iedereen kent jou kits en is er blij mee als en wanneer ze komen.
Ik doe het ook niet meer hoor ik heb gemerkt dat je steeds meer eisen aan jezelf gaat stellen en daardoor zit er nu eenmaal meer werk in,nou ja en dat kan gewoon niet elke dag.
Dus val je zelf niet te zwaar en blijf t gewoon doen omdat je t leuk vind en niet omdat het moet.
groetjes Efie

Edna B said...

This looks gorgeous. Of course, I love fantasy anyway. Always have. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

you dont need to do them everyday- i love it but I can see how it would be kinda stressful :o) Thanks so much for your hard work!

Amber said...

Thanks for another great kit, as well as those from the past few days(which I have to go back and play catch up)also thanks for the lists!
If cutting back is what you need GO FOR IT!!!! You, your hubby, and your health must always come first!! I`ll always come back even if it`s just to read whats going on! Well, have a great one!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kyra, we used a flea comb, too, and drowned the fleas in alcohol. We have indoor cats but fleas came in through the screen door one year. Your kitty may not mind that as much. I am looking forward to the Star Trek movie coming out this year, around Christmas, I think. It's about the original crew when they were younger and Leonard Nimoy has a cameo. If you lived in Maryland we could go together!!!