Friday, July 25, 2008

Now it is REALY summer

Goodmorning everybody.

Finally it is real summer here. And it seems to last for at least a week this way. Around 25 degree C, not too much wind and the wind itself is rather warm also. In the afternoon we cannot sit even in the garden, so warm is it there. Or we have to put down the screen, but still then it is hard to sit there. Well, better so than shivering all the time!

Yesterday we went to the parc with Séverine. It was nice, she could play there a bit and I bought her an icecream. It only was a pity we had to go home earlier than planned, because suddenly I saw Jan getting a bit of strange greyish colour in hisface, and he told me he wasn't feeling too good. I suppose it was the combination of lack of condition, the sun, warm and also not enough eaten. But somehow we managed to get home and soon it was getting better with him. He was so disappointed for Séverine, but nothing to do. And so sweet, this little one. When a while later I walked her home to mama, I told her that Jan found it a pity for her, that we weren;t able to do everything with her we wanted. And you know what she answered: "We can always do it another time, but I felt so sorry for Jan, that he was feeling not good". Is that a good character or not? She is coming Monday for the last time and we promised her to do some games she likes to do. And all is okay.

Today I have another little kit of the "flower-business"(hahaha) for you. Also in one colour scheme, green, and it's called "Lily-of-the-Valley-Innocence". Still, however it is more "regular"kit, I hope you will like it.

I am still busy with my HUGE kit, it will not be ready for a while. I think I will cut that kit in parts, and give you a download for a few days. Otherwise the file will be too big, I suppose. Well, that's for me to worry somewhere next week, I think. Every day I try to make a few things for it, because in between I am still making "daily"kits for you. I know, I am crazy, but it's so nice to do.

Okay, for now I wish you all a fine, marvellous day!



Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 24 Jul [LA 11:00pm] - 25 Jul [NY 01:00am, UK 06:00am, OZ 04:00pm]).

Edna B said...

This is a very soothing color, and I love Lily of the Valley. thank you so much. That little minx in the middle of the preview looks very interesting.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Kyra, I love Lily of the Valley. We had them on the side of the house I lived in as a child, and I always loved sitting there and playing, it was a shady pretty place!