Thursday, July 10, 2008

Modern Times arrive!

Good morning everybody!

We did go out yesterday afternoon and the result.... we bought a new tv AND a DVD player/recorder. Yippeeeeeeee!. If all goes well they will bring them this afternoon. You go all nuts when you enter a shop with tv etc. So many to choose of. But we bought nice LCD tv with a screen somewaht bigger than our old tv. We don;t need a very big one, first, we cannot place it and second, the distance between us and the tv isn;t that big. Wow, it looked wonderful, and I even got it in a sale and with an extra discount on top of it, because it was the last in the shop. I did that well. And because our video also show off a bit strange behaviour, we bought a DVD with recorder and with a harddisk in it of 160GB. We do have a dvd, but thats only a player. So we are all up to date again with "modern" apparatus, wow, wow! So now comes the tricky part, today or tomorrow: installing it all. To find all the prgram settings again, organize them as it is handy for you, connect the one to the other etc. Not my piece of cake, to be honest. Best will be if I am not around and let Jan sort it out, on his own! Because if I am arround, I know I will interrupte, and I will get impatient and the trouble starts! Let him do the job, and if he cannot manage some things, then I will take a look at it or read the instructons myself. Normally we end up understanding it and we can laugh afterwards, because we were such nerds! It's ALWAYS the trouble with the instructions you get, they say it is simple and easy to understand, but always something is missing, or not clear for simple minds like me!

But we will wait and see. Hopefully we will watching tv at our new screen in the week-end for sure. What a relief that will be.

May be, but I don't count on it) we will be even happier after tonight. We have a big lotery here(one of the many) with a draw tonight. But this time they have a gigantic big price of 25.000.000 euro(yes, you read it well!) in it. And it has to be given away this time. So they will keep on making draws till it falls on a number. So for once I bought myself some tickets, not whole ones but 1/5 tickets and several, you never know. I don't count on it, because we are never the lucky ones with loteries, but if you don;t try ones in a while, you always end up with nothing. Suppose we are the lucky ones and they draw aone of our numbers, I hget 1/5 of this big price. Not bad, hmmmm? Or perhaps a part of another price, there are several. So, if by any chance, suddenly you don;t hear from me a while, I will be off with Jan on a holiday or so. LOL!

Okay, I must get on a bit now. Get Jan out of bed, so he can prepare himself quietly for the consultation in the hospital. I am also nervous, you know. But let's keep thinking positive, better for the mind and body.

Today I have a little wedding kit for you, although you can use most of the papers easily for other pictures. I made it with the upcoming marriage of Linda's daughter (BonScrapatitdesign) in mind a bit, and it is a bit again the season for marriages, isn't it? I kept it in soft colours and hope you will like this one. Have fun with it.

I called it: "Vow of Love". Romantic, hey??

Have a nice day and till soon again.



Alifaa said...

Sorry about the lottery ticket, but that price is mine, hihihih.
I feel it, so better luck next time, but thanks for that wonderful kit.
IF I really win, I will make a big donation for all of your good work, so you can buy another lcd tv for your bedroom........

upto53 said...

Thank you so much for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

Hope all went well today, congrats on the new TV!

Edna B said...

Thanks, Kyra, for this lovely kit. I wish you lots of luck with your new TV & DVD. I can never figure out how to hook everything up so I finally got smart and hired a local guy to do it for me.
I hope all goes well for Jan.