Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Saturday and I don;t mind!

Goodmorning everybody!

I am hoping for an easy and rather quiet Saturday. Better I don't say "planning", because when I plan something, very often it turns out a lot different. In fact, there is not very much to tell, I guess. Yesterday my shopping car I have, was rather filled and quit havy to pull! Suddenly all kind of things where short in the "storage'room". I like to have things a bit in reserve, I hate it when I need something and it isn't there. Well, yesterday was one of those days to refill it. Still need some little things, so I have to go out again today, hopefully I can run between some rainshowers they are expecting. Then I started a new kit yesterday and I hope to get it finished this week-end. I think it could turn out to a beautiful and romantic kit, only in two colours. Almost white and a very rich, dar red colour. Does it seem attractive to you?

Today I have another sweet kit for you, especially for the dog lovers. There are some soo cute papers in it and ou just HAVE to love one of the elements: a dog bed shaped as a New York cab! Don't you think that is awesome???????

Well, I let you you explore the rest for yourself, hope you'll like it.

So now I finish my coffee and wish you all a swell Saturday. See you!!!



Edna B said...

I'm a softee for animals, especially dogs. this is such a cute kit. thanks, my friend.

efie said...

its beautyfull as always!!
i have got an awartnomination
and i like to pass it on to you
but I dont now how

will you please please visite my blog?!

MJ *Margie* and Tater the spoiled Pekingese said...

Very cute set, thank you so much

Elizabeth said...

Happy weekend, and yes, those puppies are cute!!!